My VG Music Picks #11 – Main Theme (Final Fantasy)

I don’t have a lot of nostalgia for the Final Fantasy series. Hell, I don’t even consider myself a fan of the series. That being said, though, there is one aspect I love: it’s music. Doesn’t matter which game it is, there’s at least one track from each entry that I’m fond of, and where better to start than a track from the very first game.

Despite being titled as the main theme of the game, it plays whenever you’re on the world map, meaning that you will be hearing it constantly. This is always risky; overuse of a song can eventually make an individual hate it regardless of how good it is. But I think any old-school FF fan can tell you that hearing this track gives off a wave of nostalgia.

It serves as the perfect backdrop to the image of four warriors travelling the breadth of the land to do good and fight evil; it’s upbeat, adventurous and simple, befitting of a simple title (at least compared to its successors). It’s also proof that a console as old as the NES was capable of having music that can stir emotions and be fun to listen to. You’d think we’d look back at this old chip-tune music and think “Wow, we thought this was good?” Instead we think “Yep, still as good as I remember.”

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