The Entertainment Dome Episode 138 – Cryptocurrency Mama

This week on The Entertainment Dome, James has some positive and spoiler-free first impressions on Persona 5 Royal, we discuss the Last of Us 2 delay, and we can’t help but discuss that Cooking Mama nonsense.

The Entertainment Dome Episode 137 – The Paper Mario Problem

This week on a slightly extra long Entertainment Dome, we discuss some of the announcements from the recent Nintendo Direct, I go on quite the rant about Paper Mario, and James has less than good things to say about the new Predator game.

The Future of Too Long for Twitter

Due to some big changes happening in my life, Too Long for Twitter will no longer be regularly updated. I simply don’t have the time to contribute articles every week, and I don’t want to just keeping posting really short pieces like the VG Music Picks.

Does this mean that I’m abandoning the site? No, I enjoy writing for it and want to keep it for posting anything I come up with like reviews, lists, or short fiction. It’s just that I will only be able to do so in any spare time that I can find, so updates will admittedly be very infrequent.

The site will also continue to be home to all and any Entertainment Dome episodes and related projects like Let’s Plays.

So I won’t say “goodbye,” because this isn’t an end, but a weird, new beginning.