Let’s Play Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu!: Episode 4 – Rock Solid! VS Brock!

Now that we’re in Pewter City, we can take on our first Gym and face down the Rock-type user, Brock. Will we rock his world or be crushed by an avalanche?


My VG Music Picks #77 – Devil Trigger (Devil May Cry 5)

I’ve been wanting to highlight this song for a long time now, ever since it accompanied Devil May Cry 5‘s announcement trailer at E3 2018. The confirmation of a new entry in the series would’ve got people excited regardless, but this song only pushed the hype levels into maximum overdrive. Everywhere I looked, people were going nuts over the song and it was even at the top of the iTunes charts in the UK for a while. Hell, it’s what got me to actually pick the game up myself (especially when I found out it was an in-game battle theme too). Continue reading

The Greatest Showman – Fitting Title or Mediocre Musical?


I very rarely want to watch the same movies that my mum does (I still haven’t forgiven her for making me watch The Tourist, which was GARBAGE in case you were wondering), but I made an exception when she wanted to show me her new favourite movie, The Greatest Showman. Part of it was out of politeness but there was another reason, and it wasn’t necessarily because she absolutely loved the movie. It was the fact that she absolutely loved it but so many others hated it. Not disliked, hated. What kind of movie could generate two wildly different opinions of it? I had to see it for myself to find out.

So is The Greatest Showman a cinematic marvel that deserved all of the Oscars? Is it a raging dumpster fire and offensive to the very senses? Or is it kind of mediocre and everyone’s just overreacting and making a big deal out of nothing? Continue reading

Favourite Moments in Fiction #18 – Peach Joins the Party (Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle)

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle


It’s very easy to make fun of Princess Peach considering her track record for being kidnapped, so I greatly appreciate any game that allows her to be more than the damsel-in-distress and actually take part in any sort of ass-kickery. Take Ubisoft’s strategy RPG crossover – I was already on board with seeing Mario packing heat but even arming sweet, innocent Peach? The image of her holding a giant shotgun is amazing on it’s own but Ubisoft went one step further. Continue reading

My VG Music Picks #76 – The Phantom of the Bwahpera, Act 1 / Act 3 (Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle)

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

As I wrote in my review of the game last week, one of the joys of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is seeing all the crazy shit Ubisoft was able to incorporate into the world of Mario. You’d think Nintendo would’ve reigned them in but it feels as if they were quite lenient in regards to the silly shenanigans Ubisoft came up with. And I think, for quite a lot of us, the absolute pinnacle of delightful absurdity that they concocted was the Phantom of the Bwahpera. Continue reading