Just Ice

Synopsis: An insurance worker’s terrible day takes a turn for the weird when a team of superheroes offer to help him.

Today is the worst day of my life, thought Gary Greyson as he trudged his way back home, memories of earlier replaying in his mind in a constant loop. A part of him hoped that if he kept thinking about it, he’d eventually figure out what went wrong, but it was no good. All it did was make him feel worse.

He checked his phone, fully expecting to receive a call from his boss to tell him he was fired. Maybe even a cold text message, but there was nothing apart from the time and his phone’s steel-grey background.

With a sigh, he forced his head up. Ahead was a small, dimly-lit bar. Gary had walked this path home for the last fifteen years and had never noticed it before. It didn’t look brand new, but Gary had never been a fan of drinking or going to bars.

He walked towards the bar to get a closer look. A sign that read “The Haven” was placed above the entrance. Despite its rather rough exterior, with a few small cracks in the walls and places where the paint was clearly fading, something about it enticed Gary; the direness of his situation perhaps making him reconsider his stance on alcohol. The light coming through the windows seemed like a shining beacon to Gary, who felt very much like a sailor stranded at sea. With a small shrug, he pushed open the door and made his way in. Continue reading

The Proposal

Synopsis: What should be a simple marriage proposal turns into a terrorist incident.

Charlie’s hands fidgeted as he wiped the slight amount of sweat from his brow. This was a big moment for him. The risk was great but the potential reward would be greater. He double-checked the inside of his pocket to make sure it was still there, safely tucked away. Its presence relieved him somewhat. How he hoped with all his heart that it would go well. Doubts once again began to creep in; he shook his head frantically as if it would shake them out.

The sound of footsteps alerted him. He’d already wasted enough time and it wouldn’t be long until people started asking where he was. With her face at the forefront of his mind, he steeled himself. It will all turn out OK, he told himself, as he pulled on his balaclava, pulled out his pistol, tucked his homemade bomb under his arm and kicked the door open.

Continue reading

The Day Dreams Died

On the most recent episode of The Entertainment Dome, I opened it up with a monologue about Masahiro Sakurai announcing that Piranha Plant would be a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It was just something silly I came up with and I figured I may as well upload it here as well for you to read since I’m kind of low-key proud of it. So enjoy a very over-dramatic interpretation of the announcement. Continue reading

Phi’s Dilemma

WARNING: The following story contains spoilers for Zero Time Dilemma

Synopsis: Phi finds herself in a rather awkward position when Diana asks her for a favour – babysitting.

The harsh ringing of Phi’s phone stirred her from sleep. Instantly awake, she switched her bedside lamp on, put on her glasses and grabbed the phone, assuming it was an emergency call from work. Who else would be calling her at 5 o’clock in the morning?

Not that she minded, though. The only reason she was taking the day off was because Akane had found her asleep on her desk and insisted that Phi was overworked and needed a break. Phi was never good with just “relaxing.” But now it looked like something had come up, and they needed her help. Continue reading

The Truth About Kings Cross

Synopsis: A cleaner at King’s Cross has to deal with over-the-top Harry Potter fans all the time, unaware that their supposed magic is more real than he thinks.

“Bill, you’re needed again,” said Dave, as he walked past.

With a roll of my eyes, I grabbed all my gear, including a first-aid kit (just in case) and made my way down the platforms. Kings Cross was particularly busy this time of day, so why were these idiot kids even attempting it today? At least, I had assumed it was an idiot kid. Continue reading