The Entertainment Dome One Shot – Yoku’s Island Express

What do you get when you cross a 2D platformer with a pinball game? You get Yoku’s Island Express, where Yoku the dung-beetle’s first day as postmaster turns into a quest to save the island.

Massive thank yous to Bethany Aston and Jonno Stanton for providing me with a code.


The Entertainment Dome One Shot – Octahedron

Wait a second, an Entertainment Dome video WITHOUT James? Yep, I’m going solo in this one and it’s a first impressions video about 2D vertical platformer Octahedron, where you have to create the platforms to progress.

With tricky puzzles and funky chiptunes, is this something anybody can enjoy or is this one for platformer purists only?

A massive thank you to Amy Graves for providing me with the code for the game.