What I Want to See in Digimon Adventure tri.

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Digimon Adventure tri.


A few months ago, I wrote an article about my experience with the Digimon franchise, which was a result of me gaining an interest in the upcoming movie series Digimon Adventure tri. That series has since started with its first entry, Reunion (which was also distributed as four episodes) and, honestly, I’m hooked due to its combination of great animation, mature storytelling and sheer nostalgia.

As such, I am very excited for the rest of the series and I naturally have several things I hope to see and questions I want answered. So, here’s a quick wishlist of sorts of all the things I want to see in the future. Continue reading

Digimon: Digital Monsters – Digital Nostalgia (A Brief History)

WARNING: The following article contains mild spoilers for Digimon Adventure


I’m not a Digimon fan, or at the very least I haven’t been for roughly ten years. Yet when I saw the latest trailer for the upcoming Digimon Adventure tri., I found myself getting oddly excited. Clearly this is nostalgia at work but it kind of made me wonder how and when I fell out of the fandom. And for some reason I’m choosing to document this because why the hell not? So join me if you will on a trip down digital memory lane.
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