Ten Characters I Want in Super Smash Bros

(originally posted April 17th 2015)


Who should be playable in the next Super Smash Bros? It’s a question that many have asked and even more have answered. Every time a new instalment is announced, people immediately begin debating as to who should make the cut. No other fighting game series seems to generate this much discussion. Smash Bros is kind of like the videogame equivalent of Hollywood; everyone’s desperate to make it there. Continue reading


My Seven Favourite Super Smash Bros Newcomers

(originally posted December 19th 2014)

Both of the new Super Smash Bros games are finally out and we could not be happier. The series is loved for a number of reasons, but probably the big one is seeing which characters get the honour of becoming playable and getting the opportunity to duke it out with Nintendo’s biggest stars. We all have our preferences, so here are my personal favourites of the fifteen newcomers from the latest games. Continue reading

Should Snake Return for Smash Bros. 4?

(originally posted March 28th 2014)

In a recent interview, Hideo Kojima, director of the ‘Metal Gear Solid’ series, admitted that he would love to see the star of the series, Solid Snake, appear in the next instalment of the ‘Super Smash Bros’ series for Wii U and 3DS, though he also said the chances of that happening were unlikely. Personally, I doubt Snake will get back in but the more I thought about it, I started asking myself maybe he should.

HideoKojima Continue reading