What I Do

Being an independent blog, I get the freedom to do whatever the hell I want. But what exactly can you expect to see here? Well, here’s a rough guide of what exactly I write about. And if you like what you read, feel free to share any of my articles with your friends and subscribe so that you’ll be the first to know when a new article is released, or even drop a comment and tell me what you think.



As an opinion based site, I have opinions – plenty of them. If a piece of media resonates with me a certain way, chances are I’ll want to write about it. Be it good or bad, recent or old, I’ll have something to say. That’s where the reviews come in, where I try and take a critical approach and see if I can recommend it to anyone. If you’re ever not sure about investing time with that one TV show you’ve seen being advertised everywhere or you just want to hear a second opinion on an old movie, the reviews have got you covered.

Opinion Pieces


Wait, aren’t the reviews opinion pieces? True, but the reviews are written so as to either convince you to check out the product in question or to steer clear of it. Sometimes, I just want to rant about something without being confined by Twitter’s character limit. These are a lot more personal and focus more on what I think about the subject. Interested in reading about what I want to see in that one game that’s coming out soon or want to just see me gush over something like a five-year old? These just might be up your street.



I don’t know about you but I love a good list. Don’t ask me why but I enjoy catergorising certain topics. And there are plenty of them here on this site. Don’t worry, there won’t be any click-bait-esque garbage there. Just don’t expect the usual Top Ten Whatevers. I prefer not to make my lists ‘ranked’ or anything like that. But if you do ever want to know things like my ten favourite episodes of Beast Wars or what Nintendo franchises should be made into movies, then there’s probably something there for you to enjoy.

Random Rankings


But let’s say that you DO want to read something more akin to a Top Ten List. Then the Random Rankings just might be for you. What are they? Simply, I take a collection of items (be they a series of films, games, characters etc.) and rank them in order of my personal preference. Too simple of an explanation? Then I suggest giving them a look at and seeing what I mean.

Video Game Music Picks


Sometimes, due to real-life intervention or lack of energy, I’m unable to get a meaty article out every week. But since I want to at least put something out, I’ve copied the likes of SupraDarky and started a series called Video Game Music Picks. Basically, I share some of my favourite pieces of video game music, complete with explanations as to why I like them and attempts to sound like I know more about music than I actually do. They’re short but perfect for those that just want to listen to some tunes and maybe even find some new favourites they may never have heard otherwise.

Favourite Moments in Fiction


Aside from the VG Music Picks, I also do another series of short articles called Favourite Moments in Fiction. These essentially give me an opportunity to write about very specific scenes/moments from across all of fiction that particularly resonated with me, be it the final battle of a videogame or a sweet, little character moment from a book. These are more for my benefit, as well as give me a chance to explain why I love these certain moments so much, but if you enjoy reading a grown man’s ranting and over-analysing, you may just find something enjoyable here.

Movie Commentaries

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Do you like Mystery Science Theatre 3000? Then you should probably stick to watching that, but if you’re ever in the mood to hear two random strangers riff over movies, then you should definitely check out the movie commentaries I do with my Entertainment Dome co-host, James (and if you don’t know what The Entertainment Dome is, may I recommend going here?). Unfortunately, there’s no upload schedule for these but we can guarantee that they contain plenty of shenanigans and dumb jokes.

Let’s Plays


It may be an over-saturated field but my Entertainment Dome co-host, James, and I have decided to contribute to the world of Let’s Plays (two white guys talking over videogames? How revolutionary). If random tangents and attempts at actual commentary and criticism sound like your cup of tea, hopefully you’ll have a good time with these. You may find your new favourite videogame.