My VG Music Picks #79 – Boss Battle (Learn with Pokémon: Typing Adventure)

There have arguably been much weirder Pokémon spin-offs that have been made, especially at the time of writing (Pokémon Sleep? Really? That’s a thing?), but I distinctly remember raising an eyebrow when this one got announced. At the end of the day, it’s ultimately harmless – an edutainment title packaged with a DS-compatible keyboard and designed to help kids learn how to spell and touch type via catching Pokémon. As big of a Pokémon fan as I am, I passed on it since it didn’t really appeal to me, and I imagine a lot of people felt the same way. But then someone discovered the boss music.

Does this sound like the kind of thing you’d hear in an edutainment game? I honestly do not know how any kid could concentrate typing when this absolute banger of a track is blasting in their ears. This track should be playing when your fighting against a Legendary Pokémon in the main games, where they’re throwing everything they have at you in an intense barrage of uber-powerful attacks. Or even in some high-stakes, fast-paced rhythm game where you have to match all the beats perfectly or the world will explode or something. If I was playing this game, I’d probably be tapping my keyboard in-time with the music itself because it’s so damn catchy.

Not much else I can really write about this one. It’s the kind of music I love – energetic, intense, and gets stuck in your head – and I’m simply shocked it was in a game all about teaching kids typing.

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