The Entertainment Dome Episode 207 – Baby Steps Forward

This week on The Entertainment Dome, we share our first impressions with Pokémon Scarlet & Violet and discuss how they’re simultaneously a great evolution of the series and frustratingly archaic.

The Entertainment Dome Episode 182 – Still Can’t Pick My Pokémon Legends Starter

This week on The Entertainment Dome, we get round to talking about the new info for Pokémon Brilliant Diamond, Shining Pearl, and Legends: Arceus, we barely acknowledge Gamescom, and we can’t help but be excited about Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Ten Things You Might’ve Not Known About Pokémon Red & Blue


How about we try something new this week? You may not know this but I love me some trivia. Whether it be early concepts, connections between actors or just neat, little easter eggs, I get a weird thrill from learning and memorising this kind of stuff from all kinds of media (which did not help me during my school years when I should’ve been memorising maths). But one thing I love more than discovering trivia is sharing it with others, so I figured why not try my hand at actually writing up some fun articles all about that?

So let’s start things off with ten things you may not have known from a classic set of games that defined a lot of peoples’ childhoods – the first generation of Pokémon games, Red & Blue – courtesy of Bulbapedia and Serebii (just so you know I’m not making all this up). Continue reading