My VG Music Picks #78 – Dependent Weakling (Nier: Automata)

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Nier: Automata

In retrospect, it’d kind of funny how despite being bigged up as the main antagonists of the game, Adam and Eve are defeated rather early on and don’t really come back until the very end. And even then, their return is minimal. Regardless, they made the most of their little screen-time and both got pretty awesome boss fights that make sure the player remembers them. Today, though, I want to specifically write about the fight with Eve – the climax of the first half of the game – and it’s accompanying music.

Whereas Adam’s battle took place in a clean and pristine white space, Eve’s is during a maelstrom of destruction; the air filled with the machines he wields to battle with and his own despair-filled screams, having been emotionally destroyed by his brother’s death. And having now given the music a proper listen through, I realised that it’s a perfect match for him.

The strained violins represent his grief, almost making you pity him. He may not be human, but sadness over the loss of a family member is something we can all relate to. Eve is expressing his own humanity in this moment and, even though he goes out of control, acting more like an inhuman monster, him lashing out at the world around him and wanting to destroy everything is an emotion I’m sure many of us understand. The major difference is that he has the power to do it.

The booming drums, meanwhile, represent that insanity; his hate and grief spiralling out of control and turning him into a rabid animal – something that needs to be put down. This swirling combination of emotions makes for an amazing track that also manages to be the perfect backdrop for an intense battle to the death. And it’s even got the strange singing which, by this point, you should all know I love. I’m sure there’s actual meaning to the lyrics but I don’t need to know what they are – the song’s cool regardless.

In this track, you can hear and feel sadness, hatred, destruction – everything that makes Eve who he is, and whether you pity him or not, it’s also telling you that he needs to die. It’s just another fantastic piece of music from a fantastic soundtrack.

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