My VG Music Picks #87 – Weight of the World – Prelude Version (Final Fantasy XIV)

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Final Fantasy XIV

Because of how music from Final Fantasy XIV can only be uploaded to YouTube if it’s accompanying gameplay footage, I should mention that the video above shows off the final boss of the game’s Nier: Automata raid and it’s a big ol’ spoiler so if you play FFXIV and haven’t completed said raid yet, don’t click on the video. I won’t give away who it is in the text, though.

I’ve actually been meaning to highlight some of FFXIV‘s music for years since it’s got some great tunes I want to write about. But the moment its Nier crossover was announced and played this music over the announcement trailer, it took immediate priority. I was feverishly waiting ages for it to come out just so I could get a clean rip of the song.

Weight of the World, the credits song for Nier: Automata, already had, like, four different versions and every one of them is amazing, though this new one is possibly one of the best variations. I’m a sucker for an orchestra and dramatic choir already, but it also changes the overall feel of the original song.

Weight of the World is melancholy and desperate; a lone individual searching for hope in a dark world. This one, I think, has the exact opposite feeling. It’s no longer downtrodden but fighting back, pushing itself off the ground and giving it everything it’s got to break through whatever it’s against and claim its personal victory. It perfectly fits the image of a small army of players working together to take down a massive boss. Honestly, that would be enough, but there’s also that really nice touch where it briefly turns into the Final Fantasy series’ Prelude theme, symbolising the union between the two series.

While I don’t think it’s better than the original, and certainly not better than the End of YoRHa version, it’s still a fantastic rendition that helps it fit into the more magical setting of Final Fantasy XIV and makes the event’s final battle as epic as it is.

Favourite Moments in Fiction #20 – The End of YoRHa (Nier: Automata)

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Nier: Automata

yoko taro

No, seriously, this one is a massive spoiler as I’m writing about a good chunk of Nier: Automata‘s ending here. So, please, if you have any intention of playing this game, stop reading and go do that now because this is an ending that I feel nearly everyone should experience for themselves. I daresay that it’s unequivocally one of the best videogame endings ever. If you have already played it, then you already know why and don’t need me to tell you, but I’m gonna write about it anyway just because I can. Continue reading

My VG Music Picks #78 – Dependent Weakling (Nier: Automata)

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Nier: Automata

In retrospect, it’d kind of funny how despite being bigged up as the main antagonists of the game, Adam and Eve are defeated rather early on and don’t really come back until the very end. And even then, their return is minimal. Regardless, they made the most of their little screen-time and both got pretty awesome boss fights that make sure the player remembers them. Today, though, I want to specifically write about the fight with Eve – the climax of the first half of the game – and it’s accompanying music. Continue reading

Nier: Automata – My First Yoko Taro Game

yoko taro

“Everything that lives is designed to end. We are perpetually trapped in a never-ending spiral of life and death. Is this a curse? Or some kind of punishment? I often think about the god who blessed us with this cryptic puzzle…and wonder if we’ll ever get the chance to kill him.”

These are the first lines of dialogue you hear in Nier: Automata, and if this doesn’t immediately tell you what kind of game you’re about to experience, then you are in for one hell of a trip; one that could only have come from a director like Yoko Taro. Anyone familiar with his work kind of had an idea for what to expect but for a newcomer like myself, no amount of research into his previous games could prepare me for what this one had in store. I thought I knew after listening to those opening lines, but that was, appropriately and obviously, only the beginning. First, though, let’s get some backstory out of the way. Continue reading

The Entertainment Dome Episode 50 – No, Lars is Worse!

This week on The Entertainment Dome, we celebrate our 50th episode by doing what we always do – ramble about videogames. In this episode, I share my first thoughts on NieR: Automata, James preps himself for next week’s release of Mass Effect: Andromeda and the announcement of a new Steven Universe games leads onto a debate about who’s the worst character (apologies for the peaked audio).