My VG Music Picks #7 – Battle! Brendan / May (Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire)

(originally posted March 6th 2015)

No matter how many Pokémon games there have been and no matter how many there will be, there are and always will be some constants. One of them being your rival, a recurring character who will randomly catch you off guard to challenge you. You can’t really prepare for them since their team is usually balanced as opposed to the Gym Leaders; there’s no one Pokémon you can take advantage of. It’s one of the true tests of skill and it requires some hype music to accompany it.

May and Brendan may not be the most antagonistic of rivals – in fact, they’re probably the friendliest, even more so in the remakes. This is reflected somewhat in the music; it’s not daunting or threatening but fast-paced and peppy. You may be friends but you’re playing for keeps and no matter how nice they may be, with this music playing in your ears, you’re going to show them why you are going to be the future Champion.

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