My VG Music Picks #4 – Pleasure Quarter (Gravity Rush)

(originally posted January 16th 2015)

You spend quite a bit of time in the first area of Gravity Rush, so when the time comes to actually go to a new area, it comes as quite the surprise. As the train you ride on leaves, the music fades out and you’re met with silence. Soon, you spy your destination in the distance and as it gradually gets closer and closer, this theme kicks in and already you know what kind of place it is.

Despite being home of a prestigious school, the town of Pleajeune comes across as being rather sleazy, having previously been referred to as the ‘entertainment’ sector by single men. The only time you ever visit the place is at night, and while there are plenty of students, you also come across several drunken men and ladies of the evening. But the bright lights and school location attempt to mask it to try and make the place seem more sophisticated than it actually is, which is just what this track does with its juxtaposition of string and horn instruments. The atmosphere it creates make it probably my favourite area in the whole game though I probably wouldn’t want to visit it in real life.

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