My VG Music Picks #33 – Hikari -KINGDOM Orchestra Instrumental Version- (Kingdom Hearts)

You ever have one of those pieces of music that just brings a smile to your face every time you hear it? For me, this is easily one of those tracks. Despite it technically being an orchestral cover of the first game’s main theme, Simple and Clean, I’ve always treated this as its own track; one that represents the entirety of the franchise. Continue reading

Five Videogames That Should Get Rhythm-Action Spin-Offs

As I mentioned in the Dancing All Night review, I’ve developed a fondness for rhythm-action games over the last few years. I can’t quite pinpoint where it started nor can I say why I enjoy playing them. Maybe it’s because I feel like I’m contributing to the music itself despite not being musically inclined at all.

Regardless of the reason, games like Dancing All Night make me yearn for other videogames to get a similar treatment – their own rhythm-action spin-offs that celebrate their glorious soundtracks. So, here’s a short dream list of the five games that deserve priority. Continue reading

The Entertainment Dome Episode 13 – Fantastic Beasts and Where the Hell Are They?

It’s not been a good year so far, but that won’t stop us from being positive! This week on The Entertainment Dome, we officially introduce a weekly segment where we recap the Ace Attorney anime, we discuss the recent trailer for the new, not Harry Potter movie and we dive down a deep, dark hole when James brings up the upcoming Preacher adaptation (also we fade out at the end too early – whoops).

Ten Worlds I Want in Kingdom Hearts

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for the following films:

Monsters, Inc.
Wreck-It Ralph

Kingdom Hearts may have tested my patience quite a few times over the years and the complete lack of Kingdom Hearts III info makes it hard to get excited for it. Despite that, whenever new details do emerge, showing off what Disney characters and films will be represented, we’re going to get hyped – no matter what. There’s just something inherently exciting about seeing which characters we’ll be able to interact with and which worlds we’ll explore. So, here’s a list of what worlds I would personally love to see in a future Kingdom Hearts game, whether it be KH III or in the next saga. Continue reading

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX – Why I’m Excited

(originally posted July 4th 2014)


I have a very odd relationship with the ‘Kingdom Hearts’ series. Despite my frustration at some of its themes and its overall plot in general, any new information regarding the franchise excites me. The first ‘Kingdom Hearts III’ trailer made me squeal like a girl and the more recent trailer for the upcoming ‘2.5’ left me with a wide grin on my face. Maybe it’s the nostalgia or the fact that the good of the series outweighs the bad – whatever the reason, I still enjoy the series, and I’m especially looking forward to the aforementioned remakes. Continue reading