My VG Music Picks #8 – He’s a Pirate (Kingdom Hearts II)

(originally posted March 20th 2015)

Kind of cheating with this once since it was originally a piece of music from a film but it got used in Kingdom Hearts II so it technically counts. Plus it’s really good.

It’s pretty much considered as the main theme to the Pirates of the Caribbean series; everybody’s heard of it and when they hear it, images of swordfights and battles on the high-seas between warring ships immediately come to find. If this piece hadn’t been implemented at all in KH2 when Sora and friends join forces with Captain Jack Sparrow, it would’ve been a massive oversight. Thank god the music team knew what they were doing.

And while the track alone is amazing, this orchestral version used in the 2.5 HD ReMIX makes it even better, to the point where some people think it’s been taken straight from the film. Whenever I’m in Port Royal, I can’t help but turn the volume up and hum along like an idiot once this music starts.

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