Ten Characters I Want in Dragon Ball FighterZ

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for the following:

Dragon Ball FighterZ
Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2
Dragon Ball Z


I’m not the biggest Dragon Ball Z fan (in fact, I’ve never watched a single episode of any of the various anime series) but even I couldn’t help but look at Dragon Ball FighterZ – a fighting game developed by Arc System Works – and think “Damn, this game looks cool. I want it.” And so I got it, and while I’ll probably never be “good” at it, it’s still a lot of fun to play casually.

So with the recent announcement that ‘Season 2′ will begin this year, which will no doubt see more of this series’ eclectic cast of fighters join the fray (apparently starting with Jiren from Dragon Ball Super), here are ten characters that I personally would love to see make an appearance and fight against the likes of Goku, Vegeta and co.

1. Androids 20 & 19


When it comes to the Android Saga, it seems most fans always talk about how cool Cell was. If not him, then it’s Androids 16, 17 and 18, which is fair. Those characters were all memorable and became fan favourites for a reason. But with all four of them already in FighterZ, I can’t help but feel that the ORIGINAL antagonists of that arc should get the opportunity to jump into the fray.

Sure, compared to everyone else, Android 20 (Dr. Gero) and the clownish-looking Android 19 might not seem particularly cool but I think they’d work pretty well as a unique pairing. 20 would be the primary character, with the ability to drain either an opponent’s health or their Ki gauge to refill his own (I don’t think any other character does that in the game at the moment), and 19 could function similarly to how 17 can appear to aid 18. He could either assist 20 by following up on combos or be used to disrupt the enemy’s attacks.

Though, honestly, my main reason for including at least Android 20 is because of his ties to the game’s story. It was his research that led to its events and Android 21 was heavily implied, if not outright confirmed, to have been his wife. Feels like he’s due a playable appearance given how important he was to the plot.

2. Master Roshi


Roshi may not get involved with the action much nowadays but if Super proved anything, it’s that this old timer can still trade blows with the best of them (hell, in the manga adaptation, he even managed to channel a slightly weaker version of Ultra Instinct for a bit).

Admittedly, the game probably has enough fighters that have the Kamehameha as part of their moveset but Roshi was the progenitor of that move and it was his training that led to Goku and Krillin becoming the warriors they are today. He’s an important character, even if he has had little focus in the last several years.

The one issue that might get in the way is the Super Dash mechanic since Roshi can’t fly so him suddenly zipping across the screen would contradict his character. Apparently, he could fly in a couple of other games so maybe FighterZ can briefly ignore canon to work him in? It’s not like he’s lacking in unique moves either. He’s got the Evil Containment Wave and the MAX Power form where he gets super buff – that would make for a cool Level 3. And if you have him on a team with Goku and Krillin, they could do the Master-Student Kamehameha from the World’s Strongest movie, which would be another neat reference in a game already chock full of them.

3. Towa & Mira

maxresdefault (1)

The franchise is no stranger to cross-promotion, with another game, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 still receiving updates to this day to tie in with new movies and such. So why not have that series’ main antagonists make an appearance in FighterZ? They’ve appeared in other titles as well and their inclusion could be a cool way of getting fans of Xenoverse to give FighterZ a try and vice versa. Plus, I think Towa and Mira would make for a unique slot on the roster.

Much like my Androids 20 and 19 example, I imagine Towa being the main fighter with Mira acting as a support. She’d already stand out amongst the rest of the cast by primarily using a weapon (her staff) rather than her fists, as well as some mean kicks to keep things varied, and she has some unique magical abilities like creating wormholes. Maybe even using her manipulation powers to temporarily steal a character from the opposing team. And then you can have Mira as a striker she can summon to block attacks and deal damage.

Or you could have it the other way around with Mira as the main fighter, acting as a brawler that relies on getting up close to deal major damage with Mira backing him up with her magic. And if you’re about to lose, you could have Mira absorb Towa to power-up and transform like he did in the climax to Xenoverse 2. There’s a lot of potential with these two and I’m sure fans of them both would love to play as them in a game as intense and visually spectacular as FighterZ.

4. Janemba


From what I understand, the movies very rarely have particularly interesting villains. I’m sure the likes of Turles and Lord Slug have their fans but when I was looking for ideas for this list, none of them really stood out or offered a unique enough presence to justify including them in a fighting game… with one exception – Janemba.

Admittedly, in terms of personality, he’s about as deep as the shallow end of a pool but you don’t necessarily need that in a fighting game if your moveset can make up for it. And, hey, the game already has Kid Buu, who’s only lines of dialogue consist of screaming so I feel Janemba has a shot.

He’s certainly got a cool power-set, capable of creating portals to jump through, teleportation via disintegrating into Lego blocks and he wields a pretty kick-ass looking sword. Maybe they could incorporate his reality-warping powers as well to alter the background or mess with an opponent’s controls, or briefly revert to his first form for a super move or something. After Broly and Cooler, Janemba just feels like the obvious next pick for another movie villain.

5. King Piccolo


Some of you might be thinking “Piccolo’s already a character; we don’t need a second one of him” but I have a two-part retort. 1. they are technically two different characters. 2. FighterZ also has four Gokus (five if you count Vegito) so I think having a second Piccolo isn’t too much of a stretch. Besides, we don’t have any characters to represent the original Dragon Ball series and I think that show’s biggest bad is the perfect choice.

With the current Piccolo now a fully-fledged good guy, King Piccolo could offer a much more brutal alternative to his play-style. I personally find Piccolo a bit too fiddly to enjoy playing as so having a simpler way to play as him would be nice, with maybe less of a focus on the stretchy arms and ki blasts and all about getting up close and doing a tonne of damage.

And if you want to make him more distinct, why not have him work similarly to Ginyu and make him able to call upon his other children like Drum and Tambourine as assists. It feels like nowadays that a lot of people forget that the original Dragon Ball existed and that was all it ever was, so bringing back a character that encapsulates that original era would be a nice acknowledgement of its humble beginnings and great fan-service for the long-time fans.

6. Pan


Another era of the franchise that has yet to be represented is GT, though that might be because a lot of people really don’t like it. Granted, it has fans of its own and, regardless of quality, I don’t think it should be ignored. It’s a part of the franchise’s history and, from what I’ve heard, it did introduce a couple of things that fans liked. So which character from that period should be made playable in FighterZ? My vote goes to Pan, Gohan’s daughter.

Sure, Omega Shenron and Super Saiyan 4 Goku are arguably more iconic but the former isn’t particularly interesting and is just kind of a generic doomsday villain and the latter is… Goku, and I’m already sick of the amount of Gokus in the game. Besides, the game’s severely lacking in female characters and while Pan shares a lot of abilities with her family, she’s got some moves of her own like her Maiden’s Rage and Maiden’s Burst.

Honestly, though, I just think it would be really cool to have her on a team with her father and grandfather and see them fighting alongside each other. Matches may not offer a lot of opportunities for character interaction but maybe they could include a couple of neat touches like if she performs a Super move and Goku or Gohan appear to aid her. Hell, just the sight of them fighting together would be pretty sweet.

7. Videl


You know who else I’d like to see Pan fight alongside? Her mum. Family team-ups are always great, no matter the medium, and it’d be pretty sweet to see Videl teaming up with her own husband and father-in-law. And since Videl in the show has been relegated to being another stay-at-home mum (something I know a lot of fans take umbrage with), videogames like FighterZ seem to be the only place where they can enjoy seeing her be the bad-ass fighter she used to be.

She’s been in enough games to have her own distinct move-set or, if the developers wanted to make her really stand out from the rest of the cast, she could take on her Great Saiyawoman persona, complete with over-the-top posing and cheesy battle cries. It’d make putting her on a team with Ginyu pretty hilarious.

In fact, if they go that route, she could have Gohan in his Great Saiyaman outfit as an assist. That way they can include him without needing him to take a character slot (we don’t need three Gohans). Come on, seeing these two doing the goofy superhero antics in this kind of game and against someone like Frieza would simply be amazing.

8. Kefla


It’s no secret that Caulifla and Kale are two of the most popular characters to have been introduced in Super (at least that’s what all that fan-art on the Internet tells me) and I’m not surprised. Hell, I love them both and I don’t even watch the show. So when it came to picking one or the other for this list, I was left feeling very conflicted. But then I remembered that they had a fusion so now I can technically have both.

It’s not like the roster is jam-packed with fusion characters at the moment so having one more wouldn’t hurt. She’s actually the only female fusion in the entire franchise which is enough to distinguish her from the rest of the cast. Plus, her default form could be Super Saiyan 2, which is very rarely used anymore, to make her even more distinct. And consisting of two characters means she can borrow moves from both Caulifla and Kale, which could make her quite versatile.

It just seems like a no-brainer to include at least one of these two Saiyan ladies in FighterZ, and since excluding one of them would annoy their respective fans, just go with the easy option and include them both as a single character.

9. Chi Chi


I don’t know if I’m in a minority on this or not but I wish we got to see Chi-Chi get more involved with the action nowadays. Sure, her decision to retire from fighting and become a housewife was something that fit her character (made more sense than Videl doing it) but it’s easy to forget that there was a time when she was a martial artist and a damn good one at that. She’s also barely been playable in videogames so it’s high time they made up for that.

Granted, she’s made a couple playable appearances that I think could serve as a good basis for her play-style in FighterZ – her most notable being Super Dragon Ball Z, where she appeared in her 23rd World Tournament get-up and wielded a Bansho Fan, Goku’s Power Pole and rode the Nimbus Cloud. Considering Chi-Chi never learnt to fly or use Ki Blasts, her riding the cloud could easily be used to have her able to Super Dash in game if they wanted to remain as faithful to the lore as possible and the Ki Blast button could instead see her whip out the fan to blow mini tornadoes or something.

And before anyone mentions that Chi-Chi is way behind everyone else in terms of power levels and such, I don’t care, and neither should FighterZ. The game can already have Yamcha AKA the universe’s favourite punching bag knock literal god Beerus into mountainsides. I don’t see any reason why the matriarch of the Son Goku household can’t join the battle.

10. Mr. Satan


If you go check anyone else’s “characters I want in Dragon Ball FighterZ” lists, I guarantee that most, if not all of them, will have Mr. Hercule Satan somewhere on them. The guy is one of the most popular characters both in-universe and out, so it was honestly shocking that he has made no appearance in FighterZ at all aside from his face being on the Z-Coins.

Unlike Chi-Chi, Mr. Satan has made regular appearances in videogames as well, allowing him to go toe-to-toe with the strongest fighters the franchise has to offer, despite him being a simple human. These games gave him a jetpack so he could fly around and keep up with the others and, while he can’t fire ki, maybe his alternative could be a taunt button instead that can buff up his moves or something.

There aren’t any purely comedic fighters on the roster and Mr. Satan would fit that role perfectly, with previous games having his special moves involve distracting his opponents and then elbowing them in the gut and offering bombs disguised as presents. Wouldn’t you love to see these kinds of moves done in FighterZ‘s flashy art-style against the likes of Zamasu? I know I do, and even if the other nine characters on this list don’t get in, Mr. Satan’s inclusion would still be a victory in my eyes.

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