My VG Music Picks #65 – Bomb Rush Blush/Tidal Rush (Splatoon 2)

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Splatoon 2

I don’t know what I expected from Splatoon 2‘s single player mode. I guess I always figured it’d just be more of the same aside from one or two new additions. And, for the most part, that’s pretty much what I got. That being said, I was curious as to what the new final boss would be so I was initially disappointed that it was essentially the same boss from the first game. Fortunately, not only was this version much better in my opinion but it had even better music accompanying it.

While the first game had different tracks for each phase of the fight, the first three were just remixes of the same song before ending things with Calamari Inkantation, the Squid Sister’s theme song (which was awesome, don’t get me wrong. Hell, that was a previous VG Music Pick). But this game blows the first one out of the water since each phase of the fight conveys a distinctly different feel. All three music tracks are great but, for this article, I wanted to highlight the tracks that play for the first and second phases – Bomb Rush Blush and Tidal Rush. I was originally only going to focus on the second one since I much prefer that one but, after listening to the first one again, I couldn’t only pick one to write about and you’ll soon see why.

The fight begins with you just learning that Callie, formerly of the Squid Sisters, is being mind-controlled by DJ Octavio. Not only are the stakes high but you’re facing off against a former ally, so the music is ominous and dark. Callie’s lyrics now echo off the walls in a more threatening manner. On top of that, Octavio himself is providing the thumping, hard-hitting music which is a great touch. How many bosses provide their own soundtrack? The beat almost matches the bombs the two throw at you, as if both the song and the attacks are trying to break you down. It makes you anxious and unnerved.

But then the second phase kicks in. Marie successfully shoots of the Hypnoshades controlling Callie. She’s still in a daze and not wholly herself, so Marie breaks into song, taking over Octavio’s beat and turning the song into something more hopeful and grand. Suddenly, the fight seems less daunting and the tide somehow in your favour. All the while, both Marie and Callie are singing as if they’re having their own duel – Marie desperately trying to reach her cousin whilst the still somewhat hypnotised Callie is fighting it off. Even though you can’t understand the lyrics, you really get a sense as to what’s going on with the song (at least that’s how I interpret it).

I would also write about the remix of Calamari Inkantation that’s used for the final phase but I already covered that song. I’ll just say that it’s a fantastic conclusion to the fight as well as heartwarming to hear since it means the Squid Sisters are back together.

For a game with rather minimal plot and characterisation, you’ve got to give credits to the musicians for creating several final boss themes that turn a relatively simple fight into the epic rock battle that it is.

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