My VG Music Picks #29 – Magikarp Festival (Pokkén Tournament)

I may not be the very best like no one ever was at it, but Pokkén Tournament is a very fun fighting game, especially if your a fan of the kid-friendly cock-fighting franchise. One problem it has, though, is that due to all the flashy moves, bright colours and hard-hitting sound effects, it’s hard to notice the pretty decent soundtrack it’s got. Take this track for example.

When this game was getting closer to launch and people discovered this music, the fans kind of went a bit nuts over it due to how good it was. That, and the fact that it’s associated with Magikarp of all Pokémon. You know, that pathetic fish that does nothing but flop about. It has its own stage, and this is the music that plays for it.

It’s weird enough hearing dub-step in a Pokémon game, but I think what makes the track stand out and why people enjoy it isn’t just the Magikarp association, but also that it’s blended with what sounds like traditional Japanese instruments. At the start of it, it sounds like something you’d hear in an old samurai movie.

This is one of those music tracks where you don’t know who came up with the idea but you don’t particularly care because it’s just too fun listening to it. Whenever I find myself playing at the Magikarp Festival, I take brief solace that I get to listen to this tune before I get seven shades of Snivy kicked out of me.

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