The Entertainment Dome Episode 61 – Gotta Disappoint ‘Em All

This week on The Entertainment Dome, the latest Attack on Titan leaves me reeling with its revelations, we defend Nintendo’s recent Direct on Pokémon and we discuss the potential for the upcoming Final Fantasy fighting game for PS4.

Ten Pokémon That Should Be in Pokkén Tournament – Part 2


About a couple of years ago, I wrote an article about some of the Pokémon I would personally love to see in the then upcoming fighting game Pokkén Tournament. Now the game is out on the Wii U for everyone to enjoy and, I have to say, I quite liked the roster it has. Some people have complained that it’s too small and some of the character choices don’t make sense (i.e. two Pikachus and two Mewtwos) but I felt it was decent enough, with a good balance of the popular and the unexpected.

That’s not to say, though, that I wouldn’t want to see more playable Pokémon appear either as DLC or in a potential sequel. And now that I’ve actually played the game, I’ve got a better understanding of how the developers ultimately chose which Pokémon to put in. There’s a lot more potential here than you might think. So, here’s a sequel to that aforementioned article with ten more ideas for playable characters. Continue reading

My VG Music Picks #29 – Magikarp Festival (Pokkén Tournament)

I may not be the very best like no one ever was at it, but Pokkén Tournament is a very fun fighting game, especially if your a fan of the kid-friendly cock-fighting franchise. One problem it has, though, is that due to all the flashy moves, bright colours and hard-hitting sound effects, it’s hard to notice the pretty decent soundtrack it’s got. Take this track for example. Continue reading

Ten Anticipated Games of 2016

Well, 2015 is officially over, and what a year it has been for the world of videogames. We had a lot of fantastic titles released in the last twelve months; fans of The Witcher were treated to a fantastic third title that showed that DLC didn’t have to be terrible, Nintendo made a successful jump into the world of online-shooters with Splatoon, and the Internet found a new favourite game ever in the form of Undertale. Continue reading

Ten Pokémon That Should Be in Pokkén Tournament

(originally posted September 12th 2014)


With the announcement of a ‘Pokémon’ fighting game being developed by Namco Bandai, there is much excitement to see which mons will make the cut, for good reason. Even as someone who sucks at most fighting games, being able to control some of my favourite Pokémon in a ‘Tekken’ style fighter is something I can totally get behind. So, here are my personal picks of potential playable Pokémon. Continue reading