My VG Music Picks #15 – Cloudtop Cruise (Mario Kart 8)

Mario Kart 8 has possibly got the best soundtrack of the series; partly down to the superb orchestra (I love me some orchestras). Each track lends itself so well to their respective courses and helps make them feel more alive. But for me, and no doubt many others, one of the best tracks is Cloudtop Cruise’s music.

While the course itself is pretty great, the music is pretty much the main reason why most people love racing along it. It’s so weirdly grand for a Mario Kart game, turning a jaunt through the clouds into a bombastic and epic adventure. But the icing on the cake is easily how part of it is a remix of Gusty Garden Galaxy’s music from Super Mario Galaxy (another game with fantastic music). First time playing, I was not expecting it but when I heard that familiar tune, I turned back into my fourteen year old self and became giddy with delight. Whenever this course pops up online, I don’t care if I win or lose – getting to hear this music one more time is its own victory.

One thought on “My VG Music Picks #15 – Cloudtop Cruise (Mario Kart 8)

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