My VG Music Picks #13 – Rage Awakened ~ The Origin (Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep)

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

This E3, we got a lovely new Kingdom Hearts III trailer, one that certainly set my hype thrusters to max. However, it was only on the second viewing that I realised what music was playing: the track that plays during Sora’s fight against the super boss of KH II: The Lingering Will. At the time, this figure’s mere existence raised all manner of questions and it wasn’t until the PSP title, Birth by Sleep, when we finally got answers.

The Lingering Will is the remains of a Keyblade wielder called Terra, when his body was hijacked by Master Xehanort, the main villain of the game and, by extension, the entire series. Somehow, despite losing his heart and body, Terra was able to attach his own will to his armour. As a result, the final battle of Terra’s scenario had you control the Lingering Will to fight ‘Terranort,’ with this music in the background.

While this track was also in KH II, I went with the BbS version for one simple reason. The first time you heard this track, it was the theme of your opponent; an already super-powerful enemy that was made even more powerful by the music alone. But when you hear it again, it’s your theme – your rallying cry to battle. You may not have the exact same abilities and strength as the boss iteration of the Lingering Will, but the music tricks you into thinking that you do. That deserves major kudos.

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