My VG Music Picks #9 – Shi-Long Lang ~ Speak Up, Pup! (Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth)

(originally posted April 10th 2015)

Me and my friends sometimes referred to certain pieces of music as ‘driving music;’ as in the kind of music you would play whilst driving your car. If I was cool enough, I would totally have this blaring out my speakers with the window down, sunglasses on and with one arm leaning on the side.

Outside of sounding awesome, it also perfectly fits Agent Lang, the Interpol agent that Edgeworth finds himself crossing paths with. It helps present him as threatening but not necessarily to the player; it’s just his personality. But the use of horns almost gives away his slightly friendlier nature, something that’s evidenced by the way he treats his subordinates.

Lang’s a pretty great character on his own but even if he wasn’t, I think this music would still make me look forward to every time he shows up.

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