My VG Music Picks #2 – Seaside Hill (Sonic Heroes)

(originally posted December 12th 2014)

Though Sonic Heroes is by no means one of my favourite Sonic games (in fact, it’s probably one of my most hated), it was the game that brought me into the series proper, even though I already had some experience with Sonic 2 (which I was terrible at). Looking back, the first level of the game didn’t really leave that much of an impact on me but now I’m older and more appreciative of music, I find myself absolutely loving it.

Being set on a beach naturally calls for fitting music to catch that sunny and upbeat feel to it. I’m not a fan of the seaside myself but I get why others are; you’re either there to relax or engage in some kind of action, be it surfing, volleyball or whatever else you like doing there. And since the Sonic games are all about going fast, this perfectly captures that feeling of excitement. It’s one track I make a point of listening to during the summertime, if only to create the sensation of that ocean breeze without all that annoying sand getting stuck in my shoes.

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