My VG Music Picks #63 – Boss Battle (Steven Universe: Save the Light)

Steven Universe is well known for a lot of reasons – one of those reasons being its numerous musical numbers; the quality of which can range from decent to down right amazing. So it’s kind of a shame that the soundtrack for it’s console tie-in game turned out to be very generic. Not bad, just… a bit bland, maybe. It does have a couple killer tracks though that stand above the rest – one of them (fortunately) being the boss battle theme.

Boss battle music needs to be able to accentuate the fight itself. Even the most blasé of boss fights can become epic with the right music accompanying it, which is what this track does. Most (if not all) of Save the Light‘s bosses can be pretty easy in my opinion, but I always enjoyed fighting them since this music was there to pump me up.

The game’s soundtrack is pretty upbeat for the most part as it’s meant to capture that sense of child-like adventure and maybe even channel the player’s own nostalgia. But we can’t have that for a boss fight so instead we get something slightly more ominous. While still fast-paced to get your head bobbing along to it, the instruments are much heavier-sounding (if that makes sense) to keep things intense. It’s the exact opposite of the show’s usual whimsy.

My favourite part of the whole track is easily the moment where it incorporates the show’s main theme. Not only is it a great Easter egg, but it sounds much darker here, giving it a double-meaning of sorts. On one hand, it’s a motivator for Steven and the Crystal Gems but it also highlights how dangerous their enemy is and that they need to be at the top of their game if they’re going to win.

Save the Light may not have a particularly stellar soundtrack but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t rock out to this tune whenever I hear it.

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