My VG Music Picks #60 – A Cue Aun Tu Oi / A Red Apple (Gravity Rush 2)

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Gravity Rush 2

One of my favourite scenes in Gravity Rush 2 is when Kat is mistaken for a singer and has to perform for some soldiers, because it’s so silly, especially since it seems like Kat is making this song up on the fly, but it’s also incredibly charming (not to mention she’s a damn good singer).

I’m a sucker for almost any lyrical track in a videogame so I kind of instantly fell in love with this song from the get-go. Which is why I was very annoyed when it was interrupted when Kat’s cover was blown and she was forced to escape. But then the song comes back in full for the credits and made what was an already satisfying conclusion even more so.

It has a very relaxing melody; perfect for just sitting back and chilling out to. Getting to hear the full song almost feels like a reward for all of your hard work. You’ve saved the day and everyone’s happy so enjoy your rest and the music.

I also love how it exists in-universe as well, with a few characters having heard Kat’s earlier singing and got hooked on it. You then find out much later that Kat didn’t make it up; she subconsciously remembered it from a music box her grandmother gave her, making that earlier scene retroactively heartwarming. Oh, and let’s not forget that moment when all of Hekseville comes out to sing the song to help rally Kat against the final boss. I love cheesy shit like that.

I have my issues with Gravity Rush 2 but, unlike the first game, said issues briefly didn’t exist once the credits started rolling, and this song is part of the reason why I forgot them. It’s calm, upbeat, nostalgic and, dare I say, beautiful as well.

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