My VG Music Picks #59 – Menu (Lego Racers)

Usually, when it comes to selecting tracks for the VG Music Picks, I try and pick something that I can try and dissect to some degree. Something were I can write about the emotions it’s suggesting or how it thematically fits with a scenario or character. This one, though, I’ve picked out of pure nostalgia.

As a kid, I played the shit out of Lego Racers on the family computer and I always got a kick out of the main menu music. I think I sometimes would sit on the menu screen just to listen to it. It’s catchy, fast-paced and quirky; a perfect fit for a Lego game if you ask me. Plus, I used to find it a little bit intimidating. Chalk it up to me being a dumb kid but this, combined with how challenging the game was (for me, at least) and the game’s bosses hanging out on the menu screen, always made playing this game a tiny bit daunting.

Not much else I can really say about it, except Caddicarus summed it up best by comparing it to a kick in the balls.

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