My VG Music Picks #51 – Be Cool, Be Wild, Be Groovy …for Icecap (Sonic Adventure)

If you heard this music without context, you wouldn’t think it would fit an ice-themed level, would you? And you’d be right. Icecap in Sonic Adventure is a much more platform-heavy level that requires you to take a slightly slower, more methodical approach to it… until you get to the snowboarding section that is.

Once the avalanche begins and Sonic jumps onto that random snowboard, you get the kind of fast-paced, energetic buzz that you’ve probably been waiting for since the level started. While the music for the rest of the level is suitably atmospheric, this is the track everyone associates with the level; both for its association with one of the game’s most iconic set-pieces, but also because it’s just fun to listen to, combining electric guitars with some jazzy horn instruments that give it a unique spin that’s unlike anything else on the soundtrack.

It’s just the kind of music you need for a section like this, and it helps make the snowboarding sequence a favourite of Sonic fans everywhere.

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