My VG Music Picks #31 – Title Theme (DuckTales: Remastered)

Is this cheating? Possibly but, in case you didn’t know, the theme song to Disney’s DuckTales cartoon was one of the raddest things to ever exist. Anyone who grew up with the show will testify to how catchy it was – it was arguably the main reason why people watched it. So when it came to making a DuckTales videogame, what else would serve as music for the game’s title screen?

Now, the original track from the NES game had a nifty remix of the main theme, but this being the remastered version meant higher quality music. But despite this leap in quality and the snazzy new visuals on the title screen, this track still retains the same retro feel; it almost sounds like it could belong on the NES.

The track even starts the same way as the NES version before quickly introducing new instruments. It’s the perfect blend between old and new, which sort of sums up this game in a nutshell. It’s a brand new experience for some and a faithful throwback for others. And you can still sing along with it if you know the words and, let’s be honest, you’re probably already singing it right now.

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