My VG Music Picks #31 – Title Theme (DuckTales: Remastered)

Is this cheating? Possibly but, in case you didn’t know, the theme song to Disney’s DuckTales cartoon was one of the raddest things to ever exist. Anyone who grew up with the show will testify to how catchy it was – it was arguably the main reason why people watched it. So when it came to making a DuckTales videogame, what else would serve as music for the game’s title screen? Continue reading

The Entertainment Dome Episode 19 – This Is the Day We Waited For

It’s a shorter than usual episode this week on The Entertainment Dome, but there’s still plenty of rambling going on. I’ve officially got James hooked on RWBY and he has some surprising (well, I was surprised) thoughts on the first volume. We also make up for the lack of any Ace Attorney talk last week by recapping the previous two episodes of the anime and we express shock at Konami doing something good for a change.

Also, apologies for all the background noise.