My VG Music Picks #18 – Pursuit ~ Cornered (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney)

There are many reasons for an Ace Attorney fan to get excited for a new game. One of them is what the new Pursuit theme will sound like. Every game has had one and they are usually one of the best tracks. While this music pick might not be my favourite iteration, it’s easily the most recognisable, the most iconic and it was the first.

Every time this music began to play, you knew the odds were in your favour. You’ve turned the case around. The guilty party is flabbergasted, struggling to get a coherent sentence out. The pieces have fallen into place and you’ve managed to figure it all out. All eyes are on you as, with confidence, you present that crucial piece of evidence. This is one of those themes that makes you feel invincible and it helps multiply that feeling of awesomeness and satisfaction by a thousand-fold.

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