My VG Music Picks #82 – Sweatshop (Persona 5)

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Persona 5

How have I gone this long without doing a VG Music Pick on Persona 5? It’s the newest main entry in the series, one of my favourite games of 2017, and undeniably has one of the best soundtracks of this generation, so it’s about time I wrote about at least one of it’s pieces. But, and this may surprise a lot of you, I’m not writing about one of the really popular tracks. In fact, this week’s subject is a track that, from what I understand, most people actually hate and consider one of the worst pieces of music from the game. So why is it here? Because I actually kind of like it.

I do get why a lot of people don’t and I do think that Okumura’s Palace is possibly the worst in the whole game, but this music was the one thing that helped me get through it. It fits the sci-fi aesthetic of the Palace and its distorted nature helps make the Palace feel particularly oppressive, arguably more so than any of the others. It’s the perfect atmosphere for something that’s meant to represent an area that horribly treats the employees like robots that exist solely to work and are disposed of if they break down.

Plus, I just find it legitimately catchy. It is repetitive but I’ve noticed that that sort of music doesn’t particularly bother me. I also like the part where the heavy techno beat stops and is replaced with a quick but more subdued guitar. It’s like the track is switching between two scenarios – one where the Phantom Thieves are fighting their way through the Palace and one where they’re being stealthy and sneaking down corridors, avoiding detection.

I doubt I’m going to change anyone’s minds on this one but hopefully I’ve at least explained why I can put up with this one and actually enjoy it.

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