Favourite Moments in Fiction #22 – The Epilogue (Steins;Gate)

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Steins;Gate


I was originally planning on writing about the entire climax of Steins;Gate because I love it so much, but the whole point of these articles is that they’re short and get to the point, and breaking down why said climax is so great would take a lot of explaining, especially since I’d want those who haven’t played it to fully understand it. So, instead, I’m just gonna skip ahead to the game’s epilogue.

Basically main character Okabe, thanks to timey-wimey shenanigans that would take too long to explain, was successfully able to save teen scientist Kurisu (who he’s in love with, by the way) and thus prevent World War Three from ever happening. But while he’s able to remember everything that happened, nobody else does. He doesn’t mind, though, since it means all his friends are safe and free from all the trauma they experienced as a result of his time-machine experiments.

The whole epilogue is him visiting each of his friends and just chatting with them, showing the audience that they’re all okay, with Okabe even making them honorary lab members – something he did in a previous world-line – by giving them little badges. This includes Moeka, who was actually an antagonist but was ultimately being manipulated herself. It’s nice to see Okabe manage to bring himself to forgive her despite all the things she did.


It’s all very heartwarming but we’re then reminded that, as a result of the shifted world-line, Okabe and Kurisu never met and most likely never will, since she should’ve returned to America by now. But Okabe is fine with that; he’s able to move on just knowing she’s alive, which is a sweet sentiment but still hurt me as someone that became very invested in their romance.

But just when it looks like that’s the end, Okabe and Kurisu pass by each other in the street. I was playing this at 3 in the morning so I had to stop myself from screaming at my Vita “TURN AROUND! SHE’S RIGHT THERE! TURN AROUND AND GO AFTER HER!” Fortunately, Okabe did notice and swings around…

And finds Kurisu staring back at him. She spotted him too and recognised him as the one who saved her life. She even admits that she had spent the last month looking for him so she could say thanks. Not gonna lie, my heart swelled at this moment. Fate had not been kind to Okabe throughout this game but, for once, it threw him a bone and allowed him to meet the girl he loves once more.


And just when it couldn’t get any better, when Okabe refers to Kurisu by an old nickname he used and calls her his assistant, she instinctively yells at him not to do that; something that confuses both of them. Turns out she subconsciously remembers the other world-line too! Things end properly with Okabe handing her the last badge he had made and welcoming her back.

This obviously doesn’t have the emotional impact it should if you’re reading this and have no experience with this game but, for me, this ending is simply perfect. As someone who was honestly expecting a bittersweet ending at best, getting to see an unequivocally happy ending for these characters was like a dream come true, almost as if the game read my mind and decided to give me what I wanted.

Honestly, things could’ve ended there and it would’ve been fine. We did get a movie sequel that further progressed their relationship somewhat and I know there are fans who are desperate to see more of Okabe and Kurisu actually being a couple, but I am more content with what this ending offered.

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