Your Girlfriend’s Crazy – A Little Mermaid Parody

NOTE: If you would like to cover this song, then you are free to do so as long as you provide me with writing credit and a source to this post. Thanks!

What better way to contribute to the week of Valentines than with another dumb song parody all about a guy trying to convince his friend to dump his crazy girlfriend to the tune of Under the Sea? Well, there’s probably a lot of other, better ways but I find this funnier. Lyrics can be found below so enjoy(?). Word of warning – there is some strong language here.

I know you really wanna date her
But frankly I can’t agree
Being single’s so much greater
Than living with that harpy
There are plenty of cute girls out there
They could offer you so much more
Ladies that’re fine and fair
And not that repugnant whore

Your girlfriend’s crazy
Your girlfriend’s crazy
Buddy, forget her
You can do better
Take it from me
She makes you work all night and day
Whilst she tweets about punching gays
Trust me and leave her
She’s one cruel diva
Your girlfriend’s crazy

She kicks priests off of piers
She steals homeless peoples’ food
She once shot a baby deer
And only because she could
Her own family avoids her
She ripped out her brother’s braces
She has ten restraining orders
Did I mention she’s also racist?

Your girlfriend’s crazy
Your girlfriend’s crazy
Run while you can
No, seriously, man
This’ no fallacy
She spends her nights high on cocaine
She’s messed up in her twisted brain
I’ll burst your bubble
She’s nothing but trouble
Your girlfriend’s crazy
Your girlfriend’s crazy

Life sure ain’t sweet here
Get the hell out of there
Even the devil disagrees
With her continuous heresy
Evil’s her mission
You need to listen
Your girlfriend’s crazy

Her blood’s cold as ice
Her hair’s full of lice
She makes babies cry
Wants old folks to die
She’s crass, full of gas
And mocks tragic pasts
She really has no soul
She keeps burning things
She also can’t sing
Her morals are lacking
She’s fine with fracking
She runs over cats
And smells of dead rats
She thinks the Earth is flat

Your girlfriend’s crazy
Your girlfriend’s crazy
Forever mean
Constantly demeans
You gotta break free
Sure, she’s got great tracts of land
But her delusions are much more grand
The bitch needs to go
So please drop that hoe
Your girlfriend’s crazy
You better dump her
Before she thumps ya
Your girlfriend’s crazy
She’s a real danger
You’ll never change her
Why even bother?
Her sister’s much hotter
Don’t be a sucker
Forget her and fuck her
Your girlfriend’s crazy

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