My VG Music Picks #69 – Striptease (Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4)

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4

For those of you who are paying attention, yes, I AM being incredibly childish, but with this being the 69th VG Music Pick, I felt like I had to pick a fitting piece of music. And if you don’t know why, Google it. But keep Safe Search on, just in case. Though, despite its title, this music piece is anything but sexy.

It accompanies one of Persona 4‘s dungeon areas, which are born from a person’s inner desires. In this instance, that person is teen idol Rise Kujikawa, which is a little disturbing since her dungeon takes the form of a strip-club and she’s only fifteen years old. I’m not going to go into what the strip-club symbolises since, well, that’s not the point of this article, and just focus on the music and explain what that represents instead.

While it has a rather funky beat you can bop your head to that wouldn’t sound out of place in a night club or something, it also comes across as rather ominous. The thumping, combined with the slight distortions to the music, is more menacing than anything which perfectly matches the visuals and the dark atmosphere and mood the dungeon’s going for.

The occasional sounds of a woman moaning don’t help, which is intentionally unsettling rather than sexy or enticing. Weirdly enough, though, the dialogue you hear during the track is actually from a Dance Dance Revolution track called Drop the Bomb. How random.

Atmospheric, enjoyable but also rather uncomfortable given the context, this track sets the stage both for Rise’s character arc and the dungeon itself.

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