My VG Music Picks #44 – Trip through Sequin Land (Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse)

I only recently got around to giving the Shantae games a shot and, while not mind-blowing levels of good, I certainly enjoyed what I played and I see why so many love this series. I’m not sure if starting with the third game in the series was a good idea, but I had heard good reviews and was able to get it on the Wii U at a discount and figured “Eh, why not?”

I certainly dug the game’s aesthetics – a sort of modern take on the retro 8-bit style – and developer Wayforward had brought back composer Jake Kaufman (who had worked on several of their previous games) to provide the tunes. Kaufman seems to be one of those composers who can do now wrong in the eyes of fans. Don’t believe me? Then just listen to this piece.

First levels/areas in videogames have a tendency of having the most memorable or catchy music pieces (probably so as to help draw the player in) and this only supports that. It reeks of retro nostalgia but manages to have an exotic flair to it; fitting for such an exotic locale like Sequin Land.

It does a good job of worming its way into your head but not be irritating. While the game is fun to play regardless, the music accentuates that. Hell, I could listen to this whilst washing dishes and I’d think I’m having fun.

Kaufman delivers a solid soundtrack but, if I had to pick a favourite, it’d probably be this one, only for how good of a first impression it gives.

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