My VG Music Picks #42 – The Nightmare (Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance)

I have many issues with Dream Drop Distance. Its music is not one of them, and one track that always stuck out to me is this one, “The Nightmare;” a suitably-titled piece that lends well to one of the game’s key themes – dreams.

It’s a track that exists to make you feel uneasy and the way it sounds almost distorted certainly accentuates that. It’s hard to really pinpoint some of the instruments that are used (for me, at least), which adds to the almost unrealistic nature of it. The violin somehow sounds a bit intimidating, possibly representing how the grey-haired youth that Sora and Riku keep encountering is always in control of the situation.

It’s especially good during some scenes that force Sora into questioning his own existence; with the music, you feel the mental struggle he’s going through, as if it’s infecting your mind. It completely overrides whatever you’re thinking and makes the very environment seem suspicious and untrustworthy, almost like a dream.

You ever have one of those dreams that feels too real, and then you wake up and wonder if maybe this is the dream? I think that sums up this track in a nutshell. Now if only the game’s plot had the same amount of effort put in.

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