My VG Music Picks #41 – God the Hundred (Project X Zone 2)

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Project X Zone 2

Sorry, folks, the Project X Zone 2 love-fest isn’t quite over yet. While I already did a whole article about some of my favourite music tracks from the game, there were still several that I omitted entirely. This is one of them.

The theme for the game’s final boss, Byaku Shin, just suits it to a tee. From the moment this starts playing, accompanying its appearance, you feel threatened. Between the booming thumps and the ominous chanting, it doesn’t even need to say a single word for you to know how powerful Byaku Shin is.

There’s also a slight use of the piano that helps connect it to main villain Saya’s theme, but whereas her theme created a false sense of elegance, this one somehow just adds to Byaku Shin’s imposing prescence as a would-be god. It’s so… “final boss-ish,” if you know what I mean.

Byaku Shin might ultimately just be a big monster to serve as a final boss but it fits that role well, and this imposing track kind of makes up for its lack of character. Just goes to show that, sometimes, music alone can make you feel all the necessary emotions.

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