My VG Music Picks #35 – Vs Street Fighter Rivals Arrange #1 (Street Fighter X Tekken)

I know many were incredibly disappointed with how Street Fighter X Tekken ultimately turned out, but there were still a few elements that I still enjoy even now. For instance, the rival fights. If you play through the Arcade Mode with a “canon” team, like Ryu and Ken or Kazuya and Nina, you’ll get into a rival fight, prefaced by a short cutscene of the two teams confronting each other.

Granted, these scenes weren’t anything particularly special but were mildly entertaining at the very least. But my favourite part was the music that played. If you were playing as a Street Fighter duo, you’d fight your rival to a Tekken remix and vice versa. And for my money, the first variant of the Street Fighter rival theme is easily my favourite.

It feels a bit like cheating putting this on here as it’s technically a remix of Volcanic Rim from Street Fighter IV (one of my favourite videogame music tracks) but, I’m sorry, it’s just too good. It’s a perfect choice for a rival battle as it hypes up the Street Fighter cast and is just overall really fun to listen to. The other rival theme is good too, but this one comes out on top on its energy alone.

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