My VG Music Picks #25 – Believe me (Steins;Gate)

Last week, I wrote a review on the visual novel Steins;Gatebut I realised after the fact that I didn’t go into it’s music at all. To be fair, I wouldn’t call the soundtrack the greatest. It’s not a bad one; just one that I don’t really remember all that well. It serves its purpose well and creates atmosphere, but there were a few tracks that stood out to me. Especially this one.

This track is reserved for the saddest moments in the game; scenes that just break you because of how depressing they are. A choice has to be made but neither outcome is perfect for everyone; something has to be sacrificed and all this track does is remind you that, in the end, you’re taking someone else’s happiness to further your own goal.

I think my favourite aspect of this track is how it’s actually a cover of the main theme of the game. It’s familiar but different at the same time and changing the emotions behind the original track. I’ve always loved music that does that.

This track is a perfect example of how music can help strengthen the emotions of a scene rather than detract from it. The scenes on their own are pretty sad enough, but every time this music plays, it sort of enforces them. Even now, without context, I get a little bit weepy when I hear those forlorn piano keys.

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