Five Franchises that should get Platinum Games


Platinum has come a long way in only a few years. Their work on the likes of Bayonetta and Madworld has garnered them a massive fanbase and a reputation for making exciting, action-packed and over-the-top videogames. And in the last couple of years, they’ve been allowed to create games based on existing properties.

We’ve seen The Legend of KorraMetal Gear and Transformers be given the Platinum treatment and, at the moment, they’re working alongside Nintendo on the new StarFox and are apparently working on a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game.

All of this has made me wonder what other franchises should Platinum be allowed to make magic with? Well, that’s what this list is about, isn’t it?

1. Beast Wars


Wait, didn’t we just get a Transformers game by Platinum? Yes, we did. It looks awesome. I have yet to play it but it’s on my to-do list. Thing is, though, it was based on the Generation One cartoon. Nothing wrong with that; loads of people have nostalgia for that cartoon. But it wasn’t my first Transformers show. That was Beast Wars.

I have never played a game based on Beast Wars. I know they exist but they’re all terrible. So imagine a fully realised action-game, with stunning HD visuals and the option to play as the quite frankly amazing cast. Even if it was just limited to the Maximals, I’d be fine with that. Don’t act like being able to smash up enemies as Dinobot or fire Rhinox’s Chainguns of Doom or soaring through the air as Silverbolt wouldn’t be the best thing ever.

2. Kill la Kill


Obvious choice is obvious. Ever since Kill la Kill ended (or possibly ever since it started), people have been outright demanding that Platinum make a game based on it. It’s unlikely it’ll ever happen – I’m pretty sure director Hideki Kamiya has even stated that he’s never going to make it – but a man can dream, can’t he?

One common problem with videogames is that it’s hard to grant the player the ability to do, in layman’s terms, “cool shit” within the rules of the game. It’s easy to do it via QTEs but taking down a 100-story tall monster just by pressing one button at the right time doesn’t have the same impact as taking it down through sheer skill.

Kill la Kill would be very hard to translate into a videogame but if there’s any studio that could come closest to capturing the same energy the series had, it’d be Platinum. It even has all the hallmarks – crazy action, a giant sword for a weapon and a super-powered transformation. It almost seems crazy that Platinum hasn’t jumped on it already but sometimes, a decision like that isn’t as simple as we think.



I am aware that RWBY already has a game in the works (you can try out an early access version on Steam) but, come on, a RWBY game made by Platinum would be amazing.

As you know, Monty Oum’s way of animating fights was glorious – over-the-top but detailed and with a complete disregard for gravity. While I can’t say for certain, there do seem to be some similarities between his and Platinum’s styles of action, which makes RWBY seem like a perfect fit. Four playable characters, each with unique playstyles and combos – it’d be a match made in heaven.

The only problem is probably licensing. This is less likely to happen than Kill la Kill considering, like I just said, RWBY‘s already got a game being made in-house. Why pay someone else to make it when they can do it themselves? Maybe in another time in another world…

4. Metroid


Considering how buddy-buddy Platinum and Nintendo have been getting recently (Bayonetta in Smash Bros anyone?), I think the former should be allowed access to the Metroid series, so we can see what kind of madness they could make. I mean, Nintendo’s not doing much with Samus at the moment, are they?

And before you say that Platinum shouldn’t be allowed to make a Metroid game because they’d just turn Samus into a sex object, I’d like to remind you that Nintendo let Team Ninja make Metroid: Other M – the same people that made Dead or Alive and Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball. Last I checked, that was one thing that game managed to NOT get wrong.

I know Other M is regarded by many as a blight on the franchise and it did have plenty of problems, but it did set Samus up as a badass space warrior at the most agile she’s ever been in a Metroid game. Plus, every game, she gains new powers and upgrades as you progress – a common trend in Platinum games.

A Platinum-made Metroid may not appeal to everyone but for those that just want to play a game that makes Samus look super-cool with big jumps and dynamic camera angles, with a relatively simple story accompanying it, it might be their favourite Metroid ever.

5. Kid Icarus


If you’ve played the original Kid Icarus but not it’s sequel, Kid Icarus: Uprising, just be prepared for a completely different kind of game. It does away with the incredibly difficult 2D platforming and brings in arguably even more difficult on-rails shooting and intense ground combat. It’s so delightfully insane as Pit takes on three-headed dragons, various Gods, aliens and, at one point, pilots a giant Gurren Lagann style mecha. I can’t help but feel that director Masahiro Sakurai had been playing some Platinum games beforehand.

And considering Sakurai has no plans on making another game, why not let Platinum have a go? Bring it to home consoles as well, tweak the controls to make it easier to handle, throw in even more epicness and spectacular HD goodness and you could have the game that many hoped Uprising would be.

You could even have Bayonetta pop up as a cameo or a bonus boss just for shits and giggles. I’d play it.

5 thoughts on “Five Franchises that should get Platinum Games

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    • Well, if it were to ever happen, I don’t think Nintendo would let them either. Ultimately, Nintendo would have to verify anything Platinum do so if they saw something they disagreed with, Platinum would have to cut it. So I reckon Samus would still be in safe hands regardless. At least, she wouldn’t be any more sexualised than she already is (coughSmashBroscoughZeroSuitcough)


      • Meh…. I really don’t see her suit as being sexualized. Just because it’s tight doesn’t mean it’s sexual. Even Bayonetta’s default outfits aren’t sexual to me. What makes Bayonetta sexualized is her actions and her alternate outfits.


      • Well, Samus has worn other outfits that were designed to be ‘sexy’ like the tank-top and shorts combo in Smash, and in The Subspace Emissary mode in Brawl, her first cutscene has the camera get a good shot of her butt. It’s certainly not to the same degree as Bayonetta, but I think Samus has always been portrayed as ‘sexy;’ just in a different way.


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