My VG Music Picks #19 – Star Wolf (Star Fox 64)

I’m honestly not a Star Fox fan. Nothing against the series; it just doesn’t interest me. But if there’s one thing I’m glad that exists because of this series, it’s this piece of music.

Star Wolf are the perfect antithesis of Star Fox – whereas Fox and his motley crew are all for helping people and saving the galaxy, Wolf and his band of villains care only for money and will gladly do anything for it. Each member serves as the other’s opposite, right down to personality and position, which is what makes their fights so engaging.

The music begins by presenting the threat that Star Wolf pose; it’s telling you that these guys aren’t just high ranking mooks in Andross’ army. But as it continues, it starts to feel more like the music is supporting you and your team, telling you that while Star Wolf is dangerous, you’re still going to send them home with their tails between their legs.

Andross may be the final boss and the more personal battle for Fox, but it’s the Star Wolf fights that are the true crowning moment of this game, arguably just for this theme alone.

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