The Entertainment Dome Episode 67 – You’ve Got a Friend in Me

This week on The Entertainment Dome, James and I fail to keep our excitement in check thanks to the recent Telltale announcements, the new Kingdom Hearts III info and Jodie Whittaker being cast in Doctor Who as its first female lead.

The Wolf Among Us – Not Big but Definitely Not Bad

(originally posted February 27th 2015)


I’ve got to give credit to TellTale. They managed to not only sucker me into playing The Walking Dead, a game of a franchise I avoided for so long due to my prejudice against zombies and post-apocalypse stories, but make me love it too. When all was said and done though I naturally craved more point-and-click goodness; then I remembered another game they made called The Wolf Among Us. One quick Google Search later and I knew I had to check it out. And boy, am I glad I did. Continue reading