We Should Be Cautious About Paper Mario: The Origami King (startmenu Preview)


Nintendo, as Nintendo does, suddenly dropped a trailer for a new Paper Mario game on us earlier in the week, and we collectively lost it.

Even though it’s only been four years, it feels like it has been forever since the last entry in the role-playing spin-off series, so excitement is at a fever pitch. Established fans and those who had never touched a Paper Mario before have become immediately invested thanks to that trailer and rightly so. It’s a good trailer. I myself as a long-time fan was hooked quite easily.

But as I watched the trailer, my excitement gave way to concern and anxiousness. The memories of the last couple of Paper Mario games flooded back in and, now, I can’t help but be incredibly cautious. And frankly, so should you.

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My VG Music Picks #24 – Decalburg (Paper Mario: Sticker Star)

Paper Mario: Sticker Star is one of those things that simply remembering that it exists makes me kind of angry. It was so disappointing and so boring to play that I couldn’t even be asked to finish it. There are only a few positive things that I have to say about it – it’s music being one of them, like this track.
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