Paddington – Beary Good

(originally posted May 8th 2015)


When I found out that a live-action movie based on Paddington Bear was being made, I was naturally sceptical. And so was everyone else, apparently. I know one shouldn’t jump to conclusions but just the idea that someone wanted to make a live-action Paddington movie in 2014 just made me gag a little. I don’t hold a lot of nostalgia for Paddington but I remember catching a few episodes of the original TV series where Paddington himself was animated in stop-motion but the humans and his environments were in 2D, and I even had an audio tape of some of the original stories. It may have only been a small part of my childhood but I remembered it fondly and, naturally, me and the rest of the world weren’t holding our breath for a ‘modernised’ take on the character. Even the author of the original books, Michael Bond, wasn’t looking forward to it. Continue reading