Legend of the Three Caballeros – A Poor Man’s DuckTales or An Awesome Alternative?


Anyone remember Disney’s The Three Caballeros? Released in 1944, it was an anthology of shorts that were linked by an overarching plot involving Donald Duck receiving birthday presents from his Latin-American friends, José Carioca and Panchito Pistoles. I’ve never watched it myself and, from what I understand, it’s not exactly up there in terms of recognisability; it’s biggest contribution simply being the introductions of those aforementioned two characters.

Why am I bringing this up? Because last year, somebody within the company decided they wanted a new animated series based on this movie that would be all about the titular characters travelling the world and encountering various mythological figures and monsters while trying to stop an evil sorcerer from coming back to life… and then make it only available in the Philippines. Yeah, I’m still confused about that last bit. It’s almost as weird as me waiting over half a year to actually write about it when it’s no longer relevant or topical (things kept getting in the way, leave me alone). Continue reading

Gravity Falls – L’P ZDWFKLQJ BRX


Why must the good cartoons end so early? Yes, recently, we saw the end of Gravity Falls, possibly one of the best Disney cartoons ever – hell, probably one of the best cartoons period. I only got into the series relatively late (in fact, I started watching the show during it’s Season 2 hiatus) but I feel like I’ve been with it since the beginning. From the very first episode, something about it resonated with me and now that it’s over, there’s an empty hole that needs to be filled by another high quality show (ironic considering I only started watching Gravity Falls because Legend of Korra had ended).

So, since Gravity Falls celebrated its end with one hell of a final episode, I want to celebrate it too in my own way – by explaining why it’s so good and hopefully convince you to watch it if you haven’t already. Continue reading

Do We Need Another Avatar Series?

(originally posted January 9th 2015)

(WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for The Legend of Korra)


The Legend of Korra, the sequel series to the insanely popular Nickelodeon cartoon Avatar: The Last Airbender, came to a close back in December. Tears were undoubtedly shed, both from joy and from sadness. Battles had ended, ships had sailed and everything was wrapped up… rather ambiguously, in all honesty. The future of the Avatar series is seemingly unknown at this point; there is no confirmation or denial of a new show to carry things on. So, I wonder; do we need another show? … That’s a bit of a dumb question, isn’t it? The answer is a very loud ‘yes.’ Continue reading

Ten of My Favourite Beast Wars Episodes

(originally posted July 25th 2014)

(WARNING: The following post contains spoilers for ‘Beast Wars’)

If you didn’t read last week’s post on ‘Beast Wars,’ why not? That hurts my feelings. You should read it. But if you really don’t want to, then the short version is that I love the show. So, to follow up on it, I bring you ten of my favourite episodes across the series. Continue reading

My History with Transformers Part 1 – Beast Wars

(originally posted July 18th 2014)

With the latest of Michael Bay’s live-action ‘Transformers’ films out, making undeserved millions of dollars, I found myself turning towards the shows that made me fall in love with the franchise in the first place. So, rather than waste my time talking about why the Bay films suck, I’m going to spend it on the material that deserves to be talked about – three of them to be exact, and we’re gonna kick off with the very first ‘Transformers’ show I ever watched: ‘Beast Wars.’ Continue reading