My VG Music Picks #77 – Devil Trigger (Devil May Cry 5)

I’ve been wanting to highlight this song for a long time now, ever since it accompanied Devil May Cry 5‘s announcement trailer at E3 2018. The confirmation of a new entry in the series would’ve got people excited regardless, but this song only pushed the hype levels into maximum overdrive. Everywhere I looked, people were going nuts over the song and it was even at the top of the iTunes charts in the UK for a while. Hell, it’s what got me to actually pick the game up myself (especially when I found out it was an in-game battle theme too).

And apparently Capcom expected this level of popularity because there’s, like, five or six different versions of this song on the official soundtrack. It completely overshadowed the other two main songs (Subhuman and Crimson Cloud) and for a good reason – it’s damn catchy and the perfect music to pump you up for an intense, demon-slaying adventure. Now, I had wanted to share the full six-minute version of the song but I couldn’t find it on YouTube so I went with the shortened version from the official music video for this post. Not that it really matters; the song’s still amazing.

I’m always a sucker for lyrical tracks in games, but Devil Trigger takes things to a new level of awesome by having it play during gameplay; specifically when you’re playing as Nero. And what’s even cooler is that more instrumentation is added as your Style Rank goes up, further encouraging you to get better at the game so you can hear the music in all of its glory. It also fits Nero perfectly; the lyrics expertly matching his personality and making direct references to his character.

Not much else I can really say – this music is dope and when I found out I could set it to play during the Dante and V levels as well, I did just that and will probably never go back.

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