Twenty Characters I Want Playable in Project X Zone 3

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for the following games:

God Eater
Project X Zone
Project X Zone 2
Solatorobo: Red the Hunter
Street Fighter V
Xenoblade Chronicles

What better way to round up this month of Project X Zone 2 rambling than a wish list of characters for a possible sequel? Back in 2014, the chances of my new favourite crossover game getting a sequel seemed pretty slim. Now, though, the odds seem slightly stronger, with producer Kensuke Tsukanaka even saying he wants to continue the series.

Hopefully, we won’t have to wait long for a third title but I’m optimistic (or maybe just delusional) that it will happen, and when it does, I’ll have my fingers crossed that at least some of these characters will make an appearance.

My only rules are that they have to be brand new characters (so no characters that appeared in either PXZ or Namco X Capcom), no characters that were already on the previous list I did and they have to be from Capcom, Sega, Bandai Namco or Nintendo IPs.

1. Claire Redfield (Resident Evil)


The Resident Evil series has already had their most recognisable protagonists take part in dimension-hopping adventures, so I think it only makes sense to start branching out to some of the other heroes that don’t get as much focus. Though if I had to pick one, it’d probably be Claire Redfield, the younger sister of Chris.

Whereas her brother had military training, Claire is much more of a regular civilian with only the most basic of combat skills, yet she has survived all manner of horrors and has saved the day numerous times herself (apparently she has the highest body-count out of all the Resi protags). Whether it be with firearms or just good old fisticuffs, Claire is more than capable of taking an enemy down.

Plus, it’d be nice to see her either teaming up with her brother for once or reuniting with Leon (he even mentions her in PXZ 2). Given her track record with protecting small children, it’d also be great seeing her getting overly protective of some of the younger characters like Kite, especially if they go with her most recent portrayal in Resident Evil: Revelations 2.

While most of the characters on this list have somewhat slim chances, Claire is one of the few that I’m confident would appear in a future game. It’s only a matter of when.

2. Shun Akiyama (Yakuza: Dead Souls)


At the time of writing, I have yet to play Yakuza 4 (the game where this guy makes his first appearance), but just reading about him already makes me like him. When you think of loan sharks, they’re usually seedy, manipulative and violent sorts. Shun Akiyama, however, is lax, approachable and just plain friendly. Oh, but he can still kick your ass if you piss him off.

Despite just being a normal guy (not even a Yakuza member), Akiyama is surprisingly gifted when it comes to combat, apparently much more nimble than other characters in the series and capable of pulling of air combos. Though since this would be the Dead Souls continuity, he’d also be packing a few guns of his own.

It’d make sense to include him in a future game because of his popularity and he’d make a great contrast with the more stoic Kiryu and the manic Majima due to his affable nature. His position as a loan shark could lead to some fun interactions as well (I can imagine a few people wanting to borrow money from him); I bet he’d get along great with his fellow pervert Vashyron too, though he might be a bit more subtle about it.

One of my favourite aspects of this series is seeing normal humans taking on demons and would-be gods, so of course I want to see this lazy but talented loan shark kick them in the face.

3. Lloyd Irving (Tales of Symphonia)


I think we can all agree that it’s time for another Tales game to get some representation in PXZ. I’m aware Tales of Vesperia is considered the most popular, and I do like its characters, but I feel like after being given focus in both games now, a third game should really move the spotlight to someone else. And while I don’t have a lot of experience with the series, I’m sure plenty of people would be happy to see the star of Tales of Symphonia make an appearance.

Lloyd is probably one of the more recognisable characters from the series (I’m assuming); there was even a huge demand for him to be in the most recent Super Smash Bros. Though he only made an appearance as a Mii costume, it’s clear Bandai Namco are aware of his popularity, so why not give him another adventure if only for nostalgia’s sake (his game was only re-released on PC last year).

He’s a good contrast to Yuri, being much more of an idealist and much more willing to throw himself into a fight without thinking. Also, his dual sword-wielding would make him stand out a bit more in terms of combat (the only other characters in PXZ who dual-wield are Kite and Ichiro), alongside the few fire-based Artes that he has.

And if Lloyd does show up, he’d probably bring a couple of his fellow cast with him. Whether it be Genos, Colette, Kratos or Sheena, it’d be worth it if only for long-time fans of his game.

4. Pit (Kid Icarus)


I don’t know if Nintendo would be willing to let some of their characters go for another dimension-hopping trip in a sequel, but let’s just assume that they would AND they’d be less protective over who they’d allow in. My first Nintendo pick would probably have to be Pit, if only because I think he’d fit in very well with how PXZ handles its universe.

Many characters in PXZ are already familiar with each other just via reputation. The likes of Dante, Arthur and Valkyrie all know each other despite coming from different series, and considering Pit’s role as an angel and servant to a goddess (just like Valkyrie) wouldn’t it stand to reason that he’d know some of these characters too? Wouldn’t that be cool to see?

Plus, Kid Icarus: Uprising had no fourth wall. Seriously, the characters were so self-aware I’m surprised it didn’t tear a hole in the fabric of reality. Going by that logic, Pit could already have full knowledge of pretty much everything; even the events of the last two PXZ games. I know a lot of people weren’t fond of KI: U‘s humour so, as long as they toned it down slightly, Pit could make a great addition just from an interaction standpoint.

And considering his own love for referencing videogames, I can imagine he and otaku Xiamou would get along nicely. And if he does show up, we could also have Palutena bring her constant sass and snark along for the ride too.

5. Nero (Devil May Cry 4)


Devil May Cry does have a few characters that would make great additions to the PXZ cast, but if I had to pick one, I’d actually go with the series’ third white-haired pretty boy with a cool sword – Nero, if only because out of all the main cast, he’s probably had the least representation outside of his home series.

Whereas Dante, Vergil, Trish and Lady have all made appearances in other crossover games, Nero seems to have fallen to the wayside, with very few wishing to see more of him. I know he must have fans of his own and, while maybe a bit try-hard in his “coolness,” he does have some unique fighting skills that seperate him from Dante, such as his demon arm and his sword that has an accelerator attached to it.

Plus, considering most of his interactions with Dante in DMC4 were spent fighting each other, it’d be neat to see a whole game where they work together. I’d love to see the two trading snark in-between fights and just generally shit-talking each other. Though considering how they’re related, it could be a good opportunity for some occasional drama as well.

So long as Nero’s involvement isn’t centered around rescuing his girlfriend again (which I think helped accentuate his more “whiny” nature), I think a PXZ game would be a perfect way to throw a bone to his fans. I mean, he’s still better than that reboot Dante.

6. Gilius Thunderhead (Golden Axe)


I’m actually a little surprised Golden Axe hasn’t been given any representation in this series already. I don’t know; I feel like it’d be a perfect fit. A fantasy land from an alternate past; both Sakura Wars and Valkyria Chronicles took place in alternate histories according to this series’ lore so why not throw another Sega franchise in there?

As for who would appear, I’d put my money on Gilius Thunderhead. Not necessarily because of his personality but just because he’s arguably the most iconic character from that series. Not only did he appear in all three of the main games, not only does he actually wield the titular axe (in the arcade version of the first game, at least) but he’s also the only character from the series to appear in Sega’s own crossover series Sega SuperStars. If the medieval dwarf can take part in tennis and racing tournaments, then there’s no real excuse to exclude him from an adventure across worlds.

And while maybe a bit obvious, taking a character from so far in the distant past and having him travel to modern day Japan or other futuristic worlds could lead to some entertainment value in just seeing his reaction to everything, especially if he ends up hanging around the likes of KOS-MOS.

You could even bring him in during the events of the first game, when he’s still trying to avenge his brother. Or at the very least afterwards and have him forced to deal with main villain Death Adder once more.

7. Ivy Valentine (Soul Calibur)


Speaking of characters I’m surprised haven’t appeared in PXZ yet, how about one of Soul Calibur‘s most recognisable and popular characters? Considering she’s been around since the first game and has appeared in every entry since, you’d think she’d have made an appearance sooner, even in Namco X Capcom. Seems like she’s owed her dues to me.

I can imagine a lot of people would be all for her inclusion as well. Aside from the… obvious reasons, her fighting style from the games could be easily incorporated; her whip/sword can lead to some crazy combos, and she could even use her skills in alchemy for both attacks and buffing skills.

The main reason I want her included, though, is, of course, character interaction and story potential. After the first Soul Calibur, she dedicated her life to destroying the titular sword, so that could be worked into the plot, with her teaming up with the heroes to finally get rid of it. Maybe even have her battle her zombie pirate dad again? From what I know, she doesn’t seem like the type of person who regularly spends time with other people, so having her as part of a travelling group could lead to some fun dialogue and exchanges.

I mean, come on. Imagine if her, Morrigan, Kaguya and Saya were all on screen at the same time. The fan-service would be so strong, it could kill some people.

8. Samus Aran (Metroid)


From one sexy bad-ass to another, it’s Samus Aran from Metroid. Despite being one of Nintendo’s most popular characters, the poor bounty hunter has spent the last several years having to live off of her appearances in Super Smash Bros and the occasional cameo. Even when Nintendo made a new game, Federation Force, she wasn’t the main character. Well, if Nintendo aren’t going to let her go on a new adventure, then let the good people at Monolith Soft and Bandai Namco give her one.

Samus already has a move-set to draw from with her Smash Bros appearances, but maybe they could also incorporate more of her beams and other power-ups from her series, like the Ice Beam or the Speed Booster. And while I know Other M left a sour taste in a lot of people’s mouths, this could be a chance to make up for its issues. Have Samus actually talk to her new companions rather than eternally inner monologue. She’s teamed up with fellow soldiers before in Metroid Prime 3 so it can be done, and I’d like to see her personality come to the forefront more often. Just imagine how she’d deal with the whole multiple dimension craziness.

And a history of games under her belt means a wealth of enemies and locales to draw from too. We could re-visit Zebes or the Chozo Ruins or even the Bottle Ship. There’s so many planets to choose from. As for who we could battle, you’ve got everything from Space Pirates to Metroids to even Mother Brain or Ridley. Hell, why not bring Dark Samus back?

Including Samus in PXZ could have so much potential; how much do you want to bet that Nintendo don’t see that?

9. Apollo Justice (Ace Attorney)


Look, if Phoenix Wright can battle the forces of evil then I don’t see why the other ace attorney couldn’t do it as well. While he may not have made a great first impression in his debut game, Apollo’s appearances in Dual Destinies and Spirit of Justice have propelled him into being one of my favourite characters. In fact, last I checked, he is THE most popular Ace Attorney character in Japan, so it’d make some sense to include him in a PXZ game.

Granted, his attack would probably be similar to Phoenix’s, maybe somehow harnessing his Perceive ability into it too. While I think, if he was included, he’d probably be part of a Solo Unit with Phoenix (which, come on, would be cool to see), he could maybe be paired up with Phoenix’s magician daughter Trucy instead. She could then use some of her own magic tricks for attacks as well (imagine defeating zombies and robots with her magic panties somehow).

And whereas Phoenix just resigned himself to the insanity that surrounded him during PXZ 2, Apollo would not be so willing. He would spend the entire adventure constantly questioning everything and everyone around him; constantly having his questions shot down because “Shut up, that’s just how it works.” Meanwhile Trucy just accepts everything and even starts trying to learn actual magic. Damn, these ideas just write themselves.

While Apollo may not ever become the face of the Ace Attorney series, he’s still an important character nowadays. He’s undergone a lot of growth and improvement, and considering how Spirit of Justice ended, I would love to have another game featuring him sometime soon.

10. Bayonetta (Bayonetta)


Just to go on a quick tangent, remember how I said Bayonetta should be in Super Smash Bros, and people said it would never happen because she’s too sexualised, but then she got included anyway? Good times. Anyway, Bayonetta should totally be in Project X Zone 3 if it ever happens. And she does technically count as a Sega character, BTW.

For starters, she’s just a cool character. I’ve actually played both of her games since that Smash Bros list and, I’m not gonna lie, it’s pretty hard not to like her. She exudes confidence, is always ready with a sassy quip and can take on monsters much, much larger than her without breaking a sweat but is also very protective. She’s all-around a very likable character.

But both of her games were spent mostly travelling alone, with only the occasional team-up. Imagine her having to be part of a much larger group and the possibilities for interactions. Imagine her being deliberately flirty with some of the guys for her own amusement or being super protective over some of the younger cast. I’ve always loved seeing how Bayonetta bounces off of other people so having her taking part in a road-trip across dimensions would just be amazing.

But that’s not the only reason I put her on here. Apparently, she was going to appear in PXZ 2, but Hideki Kamiya, her creator, turned the offer down. He later admitted regretting the decision and has said he’s all for having her appear in a sequel. The possibility of having her and Dante be in the same game together for the first time is reason alone to make a third game.

11. Sakuya Tachibana (God Eater)


I’m going to be honest here; I don’t really know a lot about Sakuya. I’ve not played any of the God Eater games and I just came across her whilst scouring for ideas for this list and thought “Yeah, she looks cool.”

Granted, in her home game, she fills the medic role, meaning she’s probably more suited to hanging back and supporting her teammates rather than actually getting involved with combat. However, that means she would work well as a Solo Unit, only occasionally jumping in to deal damage (just because she’s a medic doesn’t mean she can’t fight) and having skills dedicated to healing her allies.

My main reason for including her, however, is her relation with Lindow, a character who also appeared in the first PXZ game. Spoiler warning but her and Lindow are married (Lindow even references her in PXZ) and I find the idea of seeing these two fighting alongside each other very appealing. I’m a sucker for battle couples and while PXZ has had a few of its own, seeing an actual married couple team up has a different feel to it. I dunno, I actually find it more “romantic,” if that makes sense.

I’m sure, if there is a PXZ 3, we’ll get at least one God Eater character, but fingers are ever so slightly crossed that this lovely lady gets in.

12. Captain Falcon (F-Zero)


Much like Samus, poor Captain Falcon hasn’t exactly been given many chances to shine outside of Smash Bros. Nintendo’s sheer insistence to not make or even re-release an F-Zero title is borderline infuriating, so if he’s doomed to no longer take to the race-track, let him show off his awesomeness somewhere else. Maybe in a turn-based strategy RPG sequel, hm?

He’s pretty much become more famous for his fighting skills than his racing so it’s not like he’d be out of place. His larger-than-life personality would make him a perfect fit for the series. Imagine him standing alongside the likes of Captain Commando; the hamminess levels would go through the roof. In fact, it’d just be nice to see more of his personality. In Smash Bros, all he’s really known for is the Falcon Punch and other meme-tastic lines. How about actually showing off his character and not just have him be a walking, talking meme machine?

You could even still incorporate his racing skills into the game somehow. Maybe have him summon the Blue Falcon like his Final Smash? Or even use his Falcon Flyer as a ship for the party to travel in, much like the Dragonturtle in PXZ 2F-Zero even has some villains of its own to act as enemies for the game, like Falcon’s own eternal rival Samurai Goroh, his doppelganger Blood Falcon, or the less-than-subtle supervillain Black Shadow.

Out of all of Nintendo’s characters, Captain Falcon seems like one of the most obvious picks. With any luck, Nintendo might just see the potential or at least recognise the demand for it. Or they could just shove him back in a box and keep him locked up till Smash Bros 5.

13. Hayato Kanzaki (Star Gladiator)


OK, I know I said I wasn’t including any characters that have already appeared in PXZ but that was technically Black Hayato, his evil second personality, so this pick totally doesn’t break my own rules. And even if it did, it’d still make total sense to bring him back as a playable character.

Firstly, he’s already established within the series’ universe so it’d be easy to include him. However, since he spent the majority of PXZ 2 under the control of his evil side, he hasn’t had a proper chance to interact with the other cast members. You could even have him get involved out of wanting to repent for his previous actions.

Secondly, he already has a move-set to draw from. He’s clearly incredibly skilled with his sword and very athletic. You could easily have him be a Pair Unit with June (also from PXZ 2), bringing in another battle couple to the series. Maybe he could even channel his evil side for some of his attacks or skills. Gemini was able to harness her split personality somehow so what’s stopping him?

Hayato just seems like one of those really obvious choices, and I know some fans of Star Gladiator were a bit disappointed that he wasn’t on the heroes’ side to begin with. As someone who hasn’t played his own game, I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing him show off his more heroic side.

14. Yu Narukami (Persona 4)


Atlus is part of Sega now so this totally counts! I think, anyway; I’m not entirely sure how the licensing would work. But assuming that it does count and Atlus would allow a character from the Persona series to be included, I know who my vote would be for.

Many would argue against this considering how arguably over-saturated Persona 4 is, but it is also the most likely because of that. Persona 4‘s cast is easily the most recognisable so having its main protagonist appear in some capacity would make the most sense. Not that I’d complain; Yu has a lot of potential what with his many Personas to draw from. Or he could even just stick to Izanagi and prioritise his sword skills and electricity magic, if they wanted to keep it simple.

Also, considering his calm personality, he’d probably take to the whole “multiple worlds” thing very easily. I can imagine even many of the older cast being surprised with how mature he is (though I’d like to see his dead-pan side come out as well). And, of course, if he was part of a Pair Unit, he could bring one of his friends along for the crazy ride as well. My money would be on Yosuke (if only to see him floundering around the other characters and losing his damn mind over everything).

Like I said, the odds are very unlikely and licensing and copyright could end up getting in the way. But, hey, stranger things have happened in the world of crossovers recently so one can always dream.

15. Lucky Chloe (Tekken 7: Fated Retribution)


I initially struggled with picking a Tekken character for this list since I felt there were a tonne of good options. Paul Phoenix, Jun Kazama, Nina Williams, even Panda – there are good arguments to be made for a lot of them. But in the end, I settled on a more recent character – the upcoming otaku pop-idol Lucky Chloe.

Now some of you are probably wondering why in God’s name I’d choose her over some of the more popular and iconic characters from the series. In doing so, you’ve sort of answered your own question. Nobody would want to see her in this series; she’d be horribly out-of-place, which (ironically) would be entertaining in and of itself.

PXZ has always had a couple of characters that had no real stake in things; they just got caught up in the ride. Lucky Chloe could easily fill that role; maybe even seeing it as an opportunity to spread her name and image around (being a rising pop-star and all). Hell, she’d be a perfect match for Felicia. You know, that other cat-themed pop-star? And given that she uses custom martial arts that are based around dances, I think she’d have a very unique move-set as well.

If we do get a new Tekken character in a sequel, it’d most likely be a fan-favourite. But if, by pure chance, this girl takes a spot in the roster, I’ll happily be giving a thumbs-up of approval amongst a sea of vitriol.

16. Shulk (Xenoblade Chronicles)


While I understand why Fiora was picked to represent Xenoblade Chronicles and pair up with KOS-MOS, I can’t help but be a little disappointed that it wasn’t the Monado boy himself who got to go on the adventure. He IS the protagonist of that game so it just seemed a bit odd that he was excluded entirely, especially since I feel like he could bring a lot to the series.

Firstly, the Monado itself. While the series has plenty of sword-wielders, they tend to be much slimmer and sleeker. The Monado is a much bigger weapon which, combined with its unique design, helps it stand out and not make Shulk just another sword-user. Plus, its unique Arts mean Shulk could have a versatile skill set to help buff himself and his allies.

Not only that but, whereas most characters react to the “multiple worlds” thing with either shock or indifference, I think Shulk would be extremely excited at the prospect. He’s a scientist so he’d want to know and understand all these different worlds and characters. He’d be like a kid in a candy store, constantly asking questions with genuine intrigue. It’s one of my favourite traits about him and, personally, the series could always do with much more intelligent, or rather scientifically-minded, heroes in its cast. I bet he and Urashima would become best friends if they ever met.

In all honesty, though, while I still think my points are valid, I really just want to see Shulk again in a new adventure. It’ll feel like my favourite videogame is still living on (even though it is getting a sequel). Part of me doubts it’ll ever happen, but another part of me really wants to believe.

17. Charlie Nash (Street Fighter)


There are so many Street Fighter characters that I’d like to be appear in a Project X Zone game. Cammy, Sakura, R. Mika; the list goes on, but my only real justification for including them would be just because “I want it.” And that’s not exactly interesting to read. So, for this list, I’m instead picking one of the fan-base’s most beloved characters, Charlie Nash.

Even after his death in the Street Fighter Alpha series, fans held on to the hope that he would maybe return someday. Cue Street Fighter V and those same people getting their wish – Nash was back with some weird, new moves and a lot of anger. And considering that was his most recent appearance, it’d probably be this version of him that would make the cut.

I think Nash would work very well as a Solo Unit; maybe even a Rival Unit that you cross paths with throughout the game before he eventually joins your team. In SFV‘s own Story mode, he wound up fighting his former friends just so he could get a shot at killing Bison and exacting revenge so it wouldn’t be completely out of character for him to be more antagonistic. Hell, you could even have him be a Pair Unit with Guile, which would be awesome to see given their history. SFV kind of dropped the ball in that regard, with the two of them barely exchanging a word despite, you know, Nash came back from the dead!

The only problem might be that, because SFV had its own fully-fledged story, one that ended with Nash dying again, including him in PXZ whilst still keeping it in canon with SFV might be a bit tricky. Or maybe they’ll just resurrect him again. It wouldn’t be that far-fetched.

18. Hatsune Miku (Hatsune Miku: Project Diva)


No, this isn’t a joke. I am 100% serious when I say that I want Hatsune Miku, the popular virtual idol that’s actually a singing voice synthesiser software dressed up to look like a cute teenage girl, to go on an adventure across multiple worlds and battling the forces of evil. If you think that’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever heard in your life, you would be right, which is exactly why I want it to happen.

I mean, what else is there to say? It just sounds so dumb but it would also be hilarious to see. How would it even work? Would she be a real person living in modern-day Japan or would it turn out that within the Vocaloid software, there actually exists a world where she lives? Either way sounds daft but PXZ‘s already kind of daft anyway.

“But how would she fight?” I hear you ask. That’s… actually a good point. Even though Ulala fought with the power of dance, at least she came from a series where that was shown to effective. Plus she has blasters and can summon other characters to help. Miku is just an idol; she has no real powers to speak of. So, she could just literally defeat enemies with the powers of song and dance. This is the same series where Phoenix Wright could destroy giant robots just by yelling at them; anything is game here.

Out of all the characters on this list, this is probably the least likely. I don’t know if Sega has any real control over the character, despite developing and publishing her games. And I highly doubt her creators would want to see her get involved with any kind of fighting. But unless I hear an actual confirmation that it would never happen, I’ll keep pushing for her inclusion, if only to see everyone else’s reaction.

19. Red Savarin (Solatorobo: Red the Hunter)


How many people reading this have even heard of Solatorobo? If not, I don’t blame you. I forgot I actually played the thing, which is weird since I really liked it. While maybe technically not a Namco franchise, it was published by them in Japan and Europe AND developed by CyberConnect2, which also did .hack//, another Namco franchise. So, I’m just gonna say “screw it” and stick protagonist Red on the list.

Now, Red himself isn’t exactly the most interesting of heroes. From what I recall, he’s a bit of your traditional idiot hero (though not as bad as some examples) but what he does bring with him that’s unique are his weapons and abilities. Red on his own couldn’t really put up a fight; all he had was a stun-gun. But, in his own game, he spent the majority of it controlling his own personalised mini-mech that can grab and throw enemies. With this at his disposal, he could make for a pretty strong Solo Unit, grappling bad guys and pile-driving them into the ground.

And that’s not all. He also has a super mode of his own called Trance where, aside from getting a power boost, he turns into a human. I always found that to be a unique twist on the super form trope, especially since his world primarily consisted of anthropomorphic creatures. Hell, it’d be cool just to visit his world again; a series of floating islands that hovered over a sea of clouds, with a dead, post-apocalyptic world beneath.

I always love it in crossover games when lesser known characters are giving a chance in the spotlight again, and while there may not be a huge demand for him, seeing Red come back if only one more time would certainly please some people. Hell, I’m hankering to replay Solatorobo just by writing about him.

20. Wonder Red (The Wonderful 101)


Admittedly, I’m not actually sure how the licensing would work here, since The Wonderful 101 was developed by Platinum and only published by Nintendo. But it did feature in Super Smash Bros with some trophies and music, and if Kamiya is willing to let Bayonetta join in the fun, why not Wonder Red?

Anyone who’s played The Wonderful 101 is probably nodding their head in the most extreme way possible considering how crazy that game got. Wonder Red represents nearly everything that people love about certain anime and shows like Power Rangers – cheesy dialogue, overly determined characters and lots of punching, to name but a few. Wonder Red himself is a great character; he takes his role as leader incredibly seriously and never drops his formal attitude. Even when villains take to mocking him and being derivative, he never loses composure; one of my favourite gags from his game was one character consistently getting his name wrong and Red, without fail, would casually correct him. He will be taken seriously, damn it!

The only drawback might be that Red, on his own, can’t do much from a fighting stand-point. He’d need to have the entirety of the titular group with him so that he can pull off his Unite Fist attacks. In fact, if he had the whole team, they’d be able to cover all of the abilities from that game. Unite Sword, Unite Gun, Unite Whip; they could be the most versatile Solo Unit ever. And if you think having 100 characters as part of one unit is a bit overkill, Tron Bonne had a whole army of Servbots accompanying her in PXZ so I say it’s fair game.

Some people feel like Wonder Red got gypped out of being included in Smash Bros. Much like Chrom, PXZ could be the opportunity for Red that nobody knew they wanted. And if you’re reading this and are apathetic about it, go play The Wonderful 101 for yourself and see why people rave about it so much. Seriously, go do it. Right now.

At the end of the day, though, even if none of these characters make it, I’d still be happy to see Project X Zone continue. I’ve raved enough about the games for you to understand why. They’re almost like wish-fulfillment; creating opportunities that we have never even considered. I want Project X Zone 3 to be a thing so badly, and if any of these characters do appear, they’ll only make it all the sweeter.

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  1. “Nobody would want to see her in this series” LOL. You really believe you speak for everybody??
    I would love to see Lucky Chloe in a crossover like this.

    She is also a fan favorite in Tekken 7 BTW, Due to the backlash she had from North America when she first appeared 2+ years ago.

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