The Entertainment Dome Episode 105 – Do Good Out of Spite

Last week on The Entertainment Dome, we only had one episode of RWBY Volume 6 to chat about before moving on to a feel-good story about a certain charity stream and one last Kingdom Hearts III discussion before the game’s release.

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RWBY Volume 5 – Terrific Triumph or Frustrating Failure?

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for RWBY Volume 5


We may still have over a month until Volume 6 starts but I’m not leaving this year’s RWBY review until the last minute like previous years. Yep, it’s high time I got round to reviewing Volume 5, a season that my Entertainment Dome co-host and I didn’t exactly have the highest opinion of during its initial run.

But have those opinions changed? Is Volume 5 actually a lot better on its second viewing? Or is it still deserving of all the criticism we gave it? How about we just cut straight to chase and begin the review. Continue reading