The Entertainment Dome Episode 171 – Happily Never After

This week on The Entertainment Dome, our RWBY Volume 8 recaps come to an end with the last two episodes and, unfortunately, it’s finale has left us on a rather sour note.

The Entertainment Dome Episode 169 – Good Guy Ironwood

This week on The Entertainment Dome, we cover two new RWBY episodes (one of which is possibly Volume 8‘s best episode), where we discover Watts’ Semblance, gush over Ren and Nora’s relationship, and discuss what a good guy Ironwood is.

RWBY Volume 7 – Lucky Number or An Unfortunate Result?

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for RWBY

Too Long for Twitter may no longer be receiving regular updates, but that doesn’t mean I’m stopping these RWBY reviews. And Volume 7 was certainly an interesting one to re-watch.

I remember, on the whole, my Entertainment Dome co-host and I thoroughly enjoyed it initially, though we weren’t lacking in complaints. But with this volume especially, many aspects were hard to critique since we had no clue where the plot was going to end up. Any problems we may have had in one episode could be immediately addressed in a later one.

So, on a second viewing, is Volume 7 as solid as I remember it being? Is it maybe even better or does it being complete reveal issues I wasn’t aware of before?

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